Casey Anthony Forced To Appear At Hearing

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Casey Anthony Forced To Appear At Hearing

Post by oviedo45 on Thu Jan 08, 2009 9:08 pm

Casey Anthony Forced To Appear At Hearing

Thursday, January 8, 2009 updated: 3:57 pm EST January 8,
ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- Casey
Anthony was in court Thursday afternoon after being forced by the judge
to attend a hearing. Casey had the right to waive her appearance,
however Judge Stan Strickland ordered her to appear in court when he
learned she had not done so.
WATCH LIVE: 1:30PM Hearing In Criminal Case
CASEY AT COURT: See Images | Casey Walks In
Around 2:55pm, Casey Anthony entered the court and sat with her legal team (images | raw video). She had not been seen since October 14, the day she was indicted for murder.Dressed
in a blue jail jumpsuit, Casey showed no emotion and at times stared at
the table during the court appearance. Originally, Casey did not show
up for the hearing, even though state statue requires defendants to
attend all pre-trial hearings unless they make a written request to
waive their right to attend, but the judge ordered her pulled from her
cell and brought to the Orange County Courthouse.Judge Stan
Strickland asked Casey to identify herself after being seated and then
informed her of the details surrounding the motion and her option to
waive her right to appear. The judge explained to her that, from now
on, if she wants to waive her right to attend she must put it in
writing and it will be under the court's discretion.The hearing
began at 1:30pm and the court went into recess around 2:40pm as Judge
Stan Strickland considered arguments over the release of x-rays and
photos needed for a second autopsy on the remains of Caylee Anthony.
Prosecutors said they don't want the pictures sold to the media.Around
2:55pm, with Casey Anthony now a part of the courtroom attendees, the
judge heard further arguments regarding the state's requestJudge
Strickland ruled around 3:00pm that the state does have to provide the
x-rays and photos, going against the state's request, but required that
Baez keep them secure and, ultimately, have them put on a secured
computer server. He's not allowed to do anything with them before they
are put on the secured server or copy or transmit them in any way.The hearing then continued, discussing numerous other motions filed by Casey's defense team and was ongoing as of 3:50pm.Caylee
was 2 years old when she went missing in June, but her remains were not
found until December. She had been missing for about a month before her
mother reported it. Casey Anthony has been charged with first-degree
murder and other charges.

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