CHRISTOPHER BARCIA - 15 yo - Scranton PA

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CHRISTOPHER BARCIA - 15 yo - Scranton PA

Post by TomTerrific0420 on Sun Apr 17, 2011 5:07 pm

The last time Barbara Kazmierczak saw her son, Chris Barcia, he had just
given her a fresh bowl of popcorn and a cold drink as the family
gathered to watch “House Hunters International” on HGTV.
Minutes later, Barcia, 15, a freshman at Mountain View High School,
was quietly picked up from his South Gibson home, his parents believe.
That was three weeks ago.

“I dozed off, woke up literally 10 minutes later, and he was gone,” his mother, Barbara Kazmierczak, 41, of South Gibson, said.
Barbara and her husband, Ted, 45, said they worry about their son’s
well-being. The young man had gone through drug rehabilitation programs
at Clear Brook Lodge twice, the most recent treatment ending in January.
“We’re terrified. He was newly sober, and I don’t know if he’s with
sober friends or friends that are using,” Mrs. Kazmierczak said.
Since his disappearance, the Kazmierczaks have worked with
Pennsylvania State Police in Gibson, Susquehanna County, to locate him.
They have distributed signs around Scranton and in neighboring boroughs
like Dunmore and throughout the Abingtons. They’ve also distributed a
poster on Facebook.
They believe Barcia has been in the Scranton area in the last few weeks.
“He was seen last week at the McDonald’s in South Side on video. I
know he’s there,” Mrs. Kazmierczak said of a tip received Tuesday, April
12. “I’ve heard from people that tell me he’s safe in Scranton, but
they won’t tell me where he is.
“Is he desperate? Desperate kids do desperate things,” she added.
“It’s hard for me to picture that there’s a 15-year-old on his own,” Mr. Kazmierczak said.
The Kazmierczaks said that social networking opened new opportunities for Barcia to run away from home.
“He got a ride in Susquehanna County. He didn’t hitchhike. We’re in
the middle of nowhere,” Mrs. Kazmierczak said. “Facebook allowed him to
chat with other people and cry for help. That opened up a whole new
world of possibilities and contacts.”
Barcia has since deleted his Facebook account, Mrs. Kazmierczak said.
Meanwhile, his younger siblings, Andrew, 8, and Sophia, 5, have been
left to wonder where the runaway teen is. The family prays for his
return each evening with Andrew, and Sophia had hoped her brother would
be able to share birthday cake with her on Wednesday.
The Kazmierczaks encourage other parents to know their children’s
social networking passwords and review their phone records including
text messages to learn what they’re up to.
“Parents are the last to know because we’re the first to day that it can’t be,” Mrs. Kazmierczak said.
“It seems like too many parents have checked out with their kids,” Mr. Kazmierczak said.
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Re: CHRISTOPHER BARCIA - 15 yo - Scranton PA

Post by mom_in_il on Wed Nov 28, 2012 4:18 pm

Per state police he was found safe - per WS
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