JARED and ETHAN WALLACE - 11 and 3 yo - Swanzey NH

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JARED and ETHAN WALLACE - 11 and 3 yo - Swanzey NH

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SWANZEY — Police are looking for a Swanzey man they say may have abducted his sons from a Forest Avenue home this morning.

Joel Wallace, 41, is believed to have taken 11-year-old Jared Wallace and 3-year-old Ethan Wallace from the home where they were staying since being placed in state custody about three weeks ago, police say.

The boys were placed in state custody after the death of their mother in Hinsdale and Wallace was living at the same home with them, police said.

A resident of the home noticed the children missing this morning and police say a window at the house was found open, the blinds were torn and numerous wrapped Christmas presents are also missing.

Police say they’re looking for a black car that may have been involved in the abduction.

Wallace, described as 5-foot-6, 160 pounds with brown hair and green eyes, is a known substance abuser and has family ties to Connecticut and had talked about going to California, police said.

Jared Wallace is 5-foot-2, 125 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes, believed to be wearing jeans and a white button-down shirt. Ethan Wallace is 3-foot-2, 40 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes, believed to be wearing tan pants and a green and blue striped shirt, police say.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Swanzey Police Department at 352-2869.
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Re: JARED and ETHAN WALLACE - 11 and 3 yo - Swanzey NH

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Update: Missing Swanzey boys found safe in Los Angeles

Published Dec 19, 2011 at 12:34 pm (Updated Dec 19, 2011)

*****Monday evening Update: SWANZEY — A Monday search for two boys taken from a Forest Avenue home ended successfully, police said.

Jared and Ethan Wallace, ages 11 and 3, were reported missing Monday morning and were believed to be with their father. All three were found shortly after 2 p.m. at Los Angeles International Airport.

The father of the two boys, Joel Wallace, 41, is to be extradited back to New Hampshire to face criminal charges.

Authorities announced Monday morning they were searching for the boys believed to have been taken from a Forest Avenue home by their biological father.

The boys had been taken into state custody three weeks ago after the death of their mother in Hinsdale. Since then, the boys had been living with a family in Swanzey.

Their father had been staying in the same Swanzey home and is a known substance abuser, Chief Richard V.C. Busick said in a press release Monday. “Wallace was also staying at the residence since his wife's death. This morning Wallace and the two boys were discovered missing by a resident at the home. A window was found open and the blinds torn down. Also missing were numerous wrapped Christmas presents.”

Busick said Wallace has family ties in Connecticut and had talked about returning to California.

According to Ann Davis, Northeast Region Transportation Security Administration Public Affairs Manager, Londonderry police at about 10:40 a.m. notified TSA at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport about the abduction and that the father might attempt to flee the area using the airport. When the information was shared with workers, a TSA security manager recalled seeing Wallace and his two sons on a morning flight to Dulles International Airport outside Washington, D.C., Davis said.

The sighting was reported back to police, who, with the FBI, were able to use the information to determine what flight the family was on, Davis said.

Monday afternoon, Busick announced Wallace and his boys were found in Los Angeles shortly before 2:20 p.m.

Swanzey Police worked with many agencies in the search including the FBI Bedford and Los Angeles offices, state, Londonderry and Los Angeles police, the Division of Children, Youth and Families, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and the Cheshire County Attorney's Office.

Together the agencies identified Wallace and his boys had boarded a jet at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport headed to Los Angeles, according to Busick's press release.

“After a change of planes in Washington, D.C., they flew non-stop to LAX. Working with the LAPD and the FBI in New Hampshire, law enforcement was waiting for the plane to arrive and the children were safely taken into custody by DCYF in Los Angeles and the father, Joel Wallace, was taken into police custody.”

Busick said Wallace is being held without bail in Los Angeles as a fugitive from justice. Swanzey police plan to charge him with two counts of custodial interference, he said.

The children are to be returned to the custody of the Swanzey family they had been staying with and who have temporary custody of the boys. Busick said he believes the family is Wallace's sister.

“We believe they are going to be flown back and DCYF is working on that,” Busick said.

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Supreme Commander of the Universe With Cape AND Tights AND Fancy Headgear

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