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SALIDA, CA - The victim in a kidnapping and the suspect had a
romantic relationship, according to Stanislaus County Sheriff's Sgt.
Anthony Berjaran.

An Amber Alert was issued Tuesday night, after the suspect Carlos
Rodrigues, 38, took 16-year-old Christina Anderson from her Salida home.

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Berjaran said Rodrigues got into a verbal confrontation with
Anderson's father, during which the teen locked herself in the bathroom.
Family members said Rodrigues forced his way into the bathroom and took
Anderson into his car.

Anderson's 14-year-old sister chased after them and jumped into the
suspect's car. Berjaran said 20 minutes later the suspect let the
14-year-old out of the car.

Deputies believe Rodrigues and Anderson were driving around Manteca
as deputies talked to Rodrigues on the phone. After several hours,
deputies were able to convince Rodrigues to return Anderson to her home,
Berjaran said.

Rodrigues was arrested at the scene and charged with for kidnapping,
child endangerment, burglary, and criminal threats, Berjaran said.

Berjaran said the victim was too distraught to speak with
investigators after returning. Anderson will have a secondary interview,
which will be monitored by social workers/CPS, Thursday morning.

During the interview, detectives will to determine the nature of
Anderson's relationship with Rodrigues and figure out if child
molestation charges will follow.
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