CHRISTIAN JACKSON - 3 yo(2011) - Nashua NH

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CHRISTIAN JACKSON - 3 yo(2011) - Nashua NH

Post by kiwimom on Sun Apr 01, 2012 2:06 am

Still seeking answers in death of 3-year-old child

(Updated Mar 30, 2012)

    withdraws plea

NASHUA — Shawn Ganley, the father of a
murdered 3-year-old boy whose death has not yet been solved, has
withdrawn his intent to plead guilty to several unrelated drug charges.

mother, who was in court Friday for her son, said her son is trying to
improve his life and seeking out drug treatment.

“He wants to go
to rehab. He said to me, ‘Ma, I need rehab. I need help,'” said Carol
Ganley at Hillsborough County Superior Court.

On Friday, Ganley,
30, was expected to plead guilty to selling heroin, part of a
negotiated plea deal with prosecutors that would have landed him in
state prison for 4 to 8 years, with 1 ½ years suspended if Ganley
entered the Delancy Street Foundation drug treatment program.

Ganley's attorney, Brianna Sinon, said the plea agreement terms were
not feasible after learning the drug treatment program, housed in
upstate New York, would not accept Ganley unless he had a relative
living in New York.

Instead, he will go on trial in September on
the two drug charges. Still, he faces other charges involving
second-degree assault, attempted first-degree assault and criminal
threatening for allegedly choking his former girlfriend and punching a
man in the head while attempting to steal marijuana from him just four
days after his son's death last year.

Ganley's son, Christian,
was 3 years old when he died Feb. 20, 2011, of blunt force trauma.
Police have ruled the boy's death a homicide, but no arrests have been
made after more than a year. Details of the boy's injuries have not been released.

Carol Ganley said her son has been grieving by himself
in jail, and often asks her to send photographs of his older daughter, who is 9.

“Right now, he is asking for help, and talks about how
drug rehabilitation should be available in the New Hampshire jail
system,” Carol Ganley said of her son.

Shawn Ganley, of 63 Chestnut St., has been held at the Valley Street Jail in Manchester since his arrest in April.

His mother has visited him once since his incarceration, but speaks with
him on the phone weekly, she said, adding her son looks better than he
did a year ago.

She said Shawn Ganley is committed to improving
his life, getting help for his drug addiction, learning a trade and
finding a good job.

When he does, Carol Ganley said, he will not return to Nashua.

“He says he is never coming to Nashua again because he would have to walk
around and know that someone who killed his son is walking the street,”
said the mother, adding he wouldn't be able to handle it.

Ganley shared custody of Christian with the boy's mother, Latoya Jackson, who
told the New Hampshire Union Leader last month that she is frustrated
that her child's homicide case has not been solved.

Carol Ganley is optimistic that police will resolve the homicide case, but she said
she is frustrated that no arrests have been made in her grandson's murder.

“Sometimes I feel like screaming. I cry all of the time,” she added.
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Re: CHRISTIAN JACKSON - 3 yo(2011) - Nashua NH

Post by mom_in_il on Wed Apr 01, 2015 5:39 pm

Slain Nashua boy’s father sentenced on drug, assault charges

Thursday, July 12, 2012

NASHUA – Shawn Ganley was sentenced Wednesday to state prison on drug, domestic assault and simple assault charges.

Ganley, 32, pleaded guilty to five counts and received a prison sentence of three to six years. He was sentenced to an additional two to four years, suspended, if stays out of trouble once he’s released.

Ganley, formerly of Nashua, already served 457 days in county jail, meaning he has about 21 months left to serve on his minimum sentence.

Ganley’s son, Christian Jackson, died under mysterious circumstances at age 3. No one has been charged, and Nashua police say the investigation remains open.

In the Wednesday afternoon hearing in Hillsborough County Superior Court, Ganley admitted to selling heroin on two occasions to an undercover Nashua police detective. He also admitted to physically assaulting his former girlfriend Allison Clegg on two occasions and to punching a man in the face during an incident on the rail trail in Nashua.

Ganley, who has been held at the Valley Street jail in Manchester, appeared in court wearing handcuffs and ankle restraints. His mother, brother and sister were in court to show support.

Ganley’s mother, Carol Ganley, said her son had tried unsuccessfully to enter a drug treatment program. Shawn Ganley has put on weight and now looks healthier than he has in a long time, Carol Ganley said.

Carol Ganley said Nashua conjures up painful memories of his deceased son, and that Shawn Ganley plans to live near relatives in Maine when he gets out of prison.

Christian died Feb. 20, 2011, at Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, where he was brought the previous night.

On Feb. 24, 2011, investigators ruled Christian’s death a homicide, saying he was killed by “significant blunt-force trauma.”

Ganley and the boy’s mother, LaToya Jackson, never married, but shared custody of Christian, an arrangement that friends said seemed to be working out. Jackson, who lived at 46 Myrtle St. at the time, had lost custody of another child, court records stated, because of child abuse.

Christian, who died five weeks after his third birthday, spent most of his short life in his mother’s custody, reports showed. He’d typically spend the week with her and weekends with Ganley.

Investigators have struggled to determine who the child was with at the time he received injuries that caused his death because he spent time with two households.
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