KEEGAN SCHUCHARDT - 3 Days/ Abduction & Murder of Mother - Spring TX

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KEEGAN SCHUCHARDT - 3 Days/ Abduction & Murder of Mother - Spring TX

Post by TomTerrific0420 on Wed Apr 18, 2012 2:18 am

A mother was shot dead and her newborn kidnapped Tuesday outside a
pediatric clinic in Montgomery County, Texas, according to media reports.
The mother, Kala Marie Golden, 28, of Spring, Tex., had taken her 3-day-old son,
Keegan Schuchardt to the clinic for a checkup, authorities told the Houston Chronicle.
The Chronicle reported that Golden was getting into her red pickup truck
when she and another woman, wearing a gray sweatshirt and jeans, started
to argue. The woman then pulled a gun and repeatedly shot Golden, who
cried out, “My baby, my baby.”
The shooter placed the baby in her car as Golden lurched forward,
trying to grab back her child. The shooter was described as thin, in her
late 20s or early 30s, African American and with gold-colored hair.
A man was in the passenger’s seat, witnesses told reporters.
The car, a light green or sky blue Lexus with blood stains, knocked down
Golden as it drove off, the Associated Press reported. Golden was
transported to a hospital where she died of her wounds, the Chronicle reported.
Baby Keegan, who is white with brown hair, wore a
green-and-white onesie with the word, “handsome,” the AP reported.
Click2Houston reported that he weighs 6 pounds 15 ounces and is 22 inches in length.
An Amber Alert has been issued.
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Re: KEEGAN SCHUCHARDT - 3 Days/ Abduction & Murder of Mother - Spring TX

Post by TomTerrific0420 on Wed Apr 18, 2012 2:22 am

A newborn who was abducted form his dying mother after
she was repeatedly shot outside a doctor's office in suburban Houston
was found safe Tuesday night, investigators said.
The healthy 3-day-old infant was found around 8 p.m., about six hours after
his mother was fatally shot following a verbal altercation in a parking
lot, Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon said. Ligon
wouldn't say where the infant was found, but he said the baby was being
reunited with his father.
A person of interest has been detained though no charges have been filed, he said.
The boy's mother, 28-year-old Kayla Marie Golden, was leaving an afternoon
checkup with her son, Keegan Schuchardt, when she had a verbal
altercation with a woman in a Lexus parked next to her pickup truck,
Montgomery County sheriff's Lt. Dan Norris said.
"We believe that some sort of a verbal altercation
occurred between the mother of the child and a black female that was in
the car parked next to her," Norris said. "The mother of the child tries
to get into the vehicle because the black female suspect has taken the
child out of the pickup truck and put the child in the Lexus."
Witnesses said the woman repeatedly shot Golden, took the infant and sped away,
hitting the dying mother as she screamed "my baby" and tried to reach
into the Lexus, Norris said. Witnesses also reported hearing as many as
seven gunshots and said a man also was in the Lexus, which is
blood-stained on the driver's side, Norris said.
"I saw a lady fall down here in the parking lot. I saw another lady get out and I saw a
guy get out of the car that the lady who shot her was driving and get
the baby out of the other lady's car that was shot and they just got in
the car and drove off," witness Tia Collins said.
Officers searched a nearby apartment complex Tuesday night for the boy but did
not find him, Deputy U.S. Marshal Alfredo Perez told The Associated
Press in a brief interview. It wasn't immediately clear what led
authorities to the complex, where officers were seen wielding guns and riot shields.
The shooting happened just after 2 p.m. outside the
Northwoods Pediatric Center in Spring, which is about 20 miles north of
Houston. A statewide emergency alert was issued for the baby.
Witnessesdescribed the shooting suspect as a thin, gold-haired black woman,
apparently in her late 20s or early 30s, Norris said. They also said the
Lexus was sky blue or light green. Detectives said that the kidnapper
also took Keegan's car seat. Joshua Jesson said he was in the
clinic with his girlfriend when he heard gunshots. He said he saw the
Lexus next to the pickup truck, then later looked back and saw the car
was gone and a woman lying in the spot where the Lexus had been parked.
"I thought she just passed out. Then somebody ran in here and said, `Somebody got shot,"' he said.
Police quickly surrounded the clinic and much of the parking lot with
crime-scene tape, and yellow markers were placed next to a purse and
pair of brown sandals near a red pickup truck. Spent ammunition also was nearby.
The clinic is in an area thick with strip malls.
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Re: KEEGAN SCHUCHARDT - 3 Days/ Abduction & Murder of Mother - Spring TX

Post by willcarney on Wed Nov 20, 2013 5:00 pm

Nurse who killed a new mother and snatched her three-day-old baby from her arms pleads GUILTY to avoid death penalty
A Texas nurse accused of shooting dead a young mother and abducting her newborn son last year avoided a possible death sentence by pleading guilty Tuesday and accepting a sentence of life without parole.

Verna McClain, 32, was awaiting trial on a capital murder charge for fatally shooting the new mother outside a pediatric clinic in the Houston suburb of Spring and snatching her 3-day-old son.

Montgomery County prosecutors had said they would seek the death penalty against McClain for the April 2012 slaying of 28-year-old Kala Golden-Schuchardt.

Plea deal: Verna McClain, pictured in April 2012, pleaded guilty to murdering a new mother and abducting her 3-day-old son last year, and accepted a life sentence

Woman of few words: McClain appeared Tuesday before State District Judge Kelly Case, providing one word 'yes' and 'no' answers

The infant was found hours later safe with McClain's sister, who told authorities McClain, a mother of three, intended to adopt the child.

Investigators and McClain's relatives said she had a miscarriage and was obsessed with the idea to find a baby to pass off as her own.

Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon said he had promised Golden-Schuchardt's family that McClain would die in prison either by lethal injection or by never being free again.

Tuesday's plea agreement provided finality and meant the family no longer would have to come to court, he said.

‘The victim's family got to hear what few in their place do, an admission of guilt,’ Ligon added. ‘No games were played. No hiding behind insanity defenses,’ the Houston Chronicle reported.

Obsessed: McClain's relatives said the woman, pictured last April, had suffered a miscarriage and was fixated on finding another baby to pass off as her own

Victims: Kala Schuchardt (pictured left with her husband Keith) was shot as she left a clinic where she had taken her son Keegan (right) for a check up. McClain then allegedly stole the baby and sped off

The prosecutor described the outcome of the case as ‘the right verdict for the family.’

Golden-Schuchardt's mother, Linda Golden, said she was pleased McClain never would get out of prison but added, ‘I'll never be over the pain of losing my daughter.’

McClain appeared Tuesday before State District Judge Kelly Case dressed in a pink and white striped jail suit. She said little, providing one word ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers in response to the judge's questions.

One of her attorneys, Tyrone Moncriffe, said McClain is remorseful.

‘It was a tragedy,’ he said. ‘She just feels sorry for the family.’

Authorities said McClain was waiting outside a pediatrician's office north of Houston. Witnesses said she repeatedly shot Golden-Schuchardt, then grabbed the child from her truck and drove away.

According to witnesses, the dying woman leaned into the vehicle and tried to take back her son, Keegan, screaming, ‘My baby!’ but McClain sped off.

Crime scene: Schuchardt's shoes and bag at the site where she was shot and left screaming, 'My baby!'

Search: An hour after the shooting, police stormed a nearby apartment block after the suspect's car was seen outside. McClain told officers where they could find the unharmed baby boy

Later in the day, two detectives spotted a vehicle outside a nearby apartment complex that matched witnesses' descriptions.

McClain later showed up at the apartment, and in their conversation, detectives learned of McClain's sister and where the child could be.

The abducted child was returned to his father.

Prosecutors said McClain, who has three children, had been pregnant with her fiancé’s child. She had been planning to marry in May 2012.

But after she suffered an alleged miscarriage she decided to find another child and convince her fiancé it was his, they said.

McClain's sister also told authorities she had told her she was planning to adopt. She added that once McClain had snatched Keegan, she said she had the baby and needed 'to do the adoption'.

Investigators believe McClain staked out the Northwoods Pediatric Center - where she had taken her own children in the past – looking for a woman with a baby she could kidnap.

On April 17, 2012, Golden walked to her pick-up truck after a check-up with Keegan around 2pm, when McClain, who was in a 2007 Lexus parked in the adjacent spot, starting fighting with her, police said.

'Killer': Prosecutors said McClain, pictured left and right, had suffered a miscarriage and told her sister, centre, that she was going to adopt a baby. After she snatched Keegan, she told her sister she had the child

Fiance: But McClain told Kevin Carter (pictured), who she was due to marry in May, that she had given birth

After shooting the young mother at close range, McClain placed the baby in her car and sped off, hitting Kala as she shrieked, 'My baby!' from the ground. She died shortly after.

Deputies stormed an apartment block less than a mile away after the getaway car was seen parked outside. McClain approached officers and admitted to the killing and kidnapping, police said.

McClain told detectives she had taken the boy to a home in northwest Harris County. He was found there unharmed six hours after his mother had died.

A reporter from KHOU TV was allowed to witness the meeting between McClain and her fiancé Kevin Carter and ask her questions.

Reporter Rucks Russell reported McClain had a 30 minute visit at Montgomery County Jail with her fiancé and activist Quanell X.

Mourning: Kala, right, was remembered at her funeral last week. Pictured left, Wilson 'Donnie' Golden sits as a family member comforts her husband Keith Schuchardt and her mother Linda Golden

Service: The family is escorted to the funeral in Willis, Texas. Kala also left behind an older child

Russell said McClain apologised to her fiancé for the trouble she had caused, but Kevin Carter said he still planned to marry her.

The baby's father Keith Schuchardt told KHOU after the slaying: '[Kala] was sweet, lovable. I loved her, and she loved me. Everything was going fine until today.'

When asked by reporters what he would tell his wife now, Schuchardt, who had been married to Golden for three years, said: 'I wish you were here with me to get me through this.'

It might be closure for the family but if it was me with my wife dead I would want the death penalty.  Death for a death.  William
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Re: KEEGAN SCHUCHARDT - 3 Days/ Abduction & Murder of Mother - Spring TX

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