AMSAL DHUKA - 9 yo - Fort Bend/ Houston TX

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AMSAL DHUKA - 9 yo - Fort Bend/ Houston TX

Post by TomTerrific0420 on Tue May 08, 2012 2:45 am

HOUSTON—Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office deputies are searching for a 9-year-old boy who disappeared Monday afternoon.

Amsal Dhuka was reported missing around 4:14 p.m from the Landmark
Apartments, located in the 14200 block of FM 1464, in the Sugar Land

His father said his son never came home from Lakeview Elementary
School in Sugar Land. Fort Bend ISD Police confirmed Amsal attended
class Monday.

Witnesses said the child was last seen between 3:30 and 3:45 p.m. getting off the school bus near his apartment complex.

A possible suspect vehicle is described as a red Toyota Corolla LE
model occupied by a white male who witnesses described as partially
balding with a thin build. No age estimates were available.

Amsal is of Indian descent with black hair, is 4-feet tall and weighs
about 90 pounds. He was last seen wearing blue jeans and a blue and
white-striped shirt. He was wearing black and gray Skecher shoes and he
was carrying a black and blue backpack. He also was wearing plastic
black-framed glasses.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office at 281-341-4665.
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Re: AMSAL DHUKA - 9 yo - Fort Bend/ Houston TX

Post by angelm07 on Tue May 08, 2012 10:19 pm

FBSO: Kidnapping suspect surrenders to authorities

A woman suspected of kidnapping a 9-year-old Fort Bend County boy has turned herself in, deputies said.
Amber Alert was issued for Amsal Dhuka after he did not arrive home
from school on Monday. Fort Bend County Sheriff's deputies canceled that
alert early Tuesday after Dhuka was dropped off and found at the
Ismaili Center, 10511 Corporate Drive, in Stafford at 6 a.m.
appears to be in good health. It does not appear he was harmed at all,"
said Craig Brady with the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office.
Dhuka arrived back at his home around noon.
"The family is fine," family spokesman Nizar Ali said. "Amsal is fine and he's happy with the family."
Deputies said Dhuka was kidnapped by a woman he knows: Kismat Momin, 34. She has been charged with kidnapping.
Investigators said Momin has not said a word to them since her surrender.
does reside in the same complex. She is known to the family to some
degree. They are known to one another, but they are not what I would
call close friends. The young man definitely would have known who she
was. We don't know what her motivations were at this point," Brady said.
Bend Independent School District Police confirmed that Dhuka was in
class Monday at Lakeview Elementary School. Witnesses saw him get off
the school bus near his apartment complex, the Landmark Apartments in
the 14200 block of FM 1464, between 3:30 and 3:45 p.m. His father said
he never arrived home.
Deputies said Momin took the child shortly after he got off his school bus.
was some indication that she may have used an old ruse that has been
around for years, that his parents sent her to pick him up because there
was other people trying to get him," Brady said.
"She drove around all night and probably went into
Galveston County. (Momin) had him with her all night and she dropped the
child off at the worship center," Brady said. "I have no idea why she
would have taken this 9-year-old boy. People do strange things. There
was never any indication that there was anyone besides the female in the
Investigators said Momin took Dhuka to a McDonald's and
bowling. Momin forced Dhuka to sleep in her car in the driveway of an
unoccupied home, detectives said.
Investigators said Momin's husband eventually admitted to knowing that his wife had the boy.
of that led to the boy being dropped off. There were some family
members involved and communicating with her during this entire process.
Part of the investigation will ultimately reveal that there were some
people that had knowledge but were not forthcoming with it. There's a
possibility that several individuals could be charged with this," Brady
Neighbors said Momin's behavior was becoming increasingly odd.
"She had depression, you know," neighbor Rahemdullah Monsia said. "She's a nice lady. She lived here so many years."
Momin has a prior offense of misdemeanor theft.
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