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Don't you find it interesting that Chaney Mason just happened to show up at CNN New York to be interviewed by Piers Morgan? Let me enlighten you as to how this came about!

Casey owed Chaney Mason $55,000 in legal fees. After the People Magazine article came out Casey's big concern was that people were going to think she is fat. It's been confirmed that she has put on 20-40 pounds. Chaney advised Casey if she gave him a picture of her at her current weight that he would FORGIVE the $55,000 legal fees that she owed him. Chaney then sells the picture to Piers Morgan for $100,000. Explains why Chaney was in New York to visit Piers. He collected $55,000 at that time and the remaining $55,000 is to be paid at a later time.....hmmmm interesting! When CNN says that they did not pay Casey for a picture or interview technically they were not lying. In reality, Piers Morgan paid Chaney Mason out of his own pocket. At this time, I have not confirmed what the entire deal included. Was it was for the picture, the picture and opportunity to talk with Casey or the picture, opportunity to talk with Casey, and an interview on the anniversary of the verdict, the greatest miscarriage of justice since the O.J. Simpson trial.

The entire scheme team had agreed during the trial that any legal fees incurred by Casey Anthony they would ALL wait until her big windfall came and collect their legal fees. They agreed she would make millions for interviews, books, movies, etc. Now this is where it gets REAL interesting. Since Chaney Mason made $100,000 on the Piers Morgan deal he did not share that with the Scheme Team.....they are all furious and fighting among themselves. Casey Anthony is toxic and takes advantage of everyone that is close to her.

Now for the Katie Couric story.....

Yes, Katie desperately wanted the interview for her new show thinking that it would bring her top ratings. Her team contacted People magazine to do a story on Casey and promote Katie's show. We all know that Casey does not do anything for free and People Magazine Executives have stuck by their policy of NOT PAYING for interviews and/or pics. People said NO to Katie. Yes Katie, you certainly did know where that twitter rumor came from. You just did not expect word to get out about your Casey interview deal and thought that you would blind side us with it....looks like you were wrong.

If you believe that there should be NO PROFIT FOR MURDER by Casey, her legal team, family, or anyone else out there looking to make a buck off this sweet, defenseless babies murder, it is time to STAND AND SPEAK UP. COLLECTIVELY OUR VOICES CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

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