A child's POV on being removed from his "dysfunction" family

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A child's POV on being removed from his "dysfunction" family

Post by Gingernlw on Thu Jul 19, 2012 4:58 pm

I have recently been in several discussions regarding the decision, or lack there of, to remove a child from a home. In many cases I whole heartedly believe a child should be removed from a home and reunification shouldn't even be considered. The decision is not always an easy one and sometimes errors are made; kids have been erroniously removed from a parent's care and kids have been put back into a parents care only to be beat to death. In my opinion, I'd rather err on the side of caution, even knowing the trauma removing a child from the only home they've ever known can cause, becausem as Mom so succinctly put in another thread, alive is better than the alternative, even if traumatized.
On this note, the baby Alissa case comes to mind... based on what many of you have written, you would have whole heartedly agreed to remove her from her home (backstory: her dad died in a tragic car accident, her mom didn't handle it well, I believe she was on drugs, and she had her kids removed, and placed with her cousin). However, she was a happy, non-abused little girl prior to being removed from her mom's care... once removed CPS, doctors, the justice system failed her. She was likely beaten to death by her mom's cousin. The cousin and her parents commented on many occasions that the girl was hard to handle (knowing what I know about attachment and 2 year olds, I'm not surprised). If she had been left in her mom's care it's possible she would have been fine, of course it's also possible she would have had similar treatment at the hands of her drug abusing mom... but we'll never know.

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