Casey Anthony's clothes: Would you buy them?[ - HLN

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Casey Anthony's clothes: Would you buy them?[ - HLN

Post by mom_in_il on Fri Jan 17, 2014 6:25 pm

Casey Anthony's clothes: Would you buy them?

By Amanda Sloane
updated 3:23 PM EST, Thu January 16, 2014

  • †Several pairs of pants and purses bought at a garage sale at the Anthony home are selling for $800 apiece
  • †'If it was not for my customers, I would not be in business,' Eric Holler, the man selling the items, tells HLN

You may have been captivated by the Casey Anthony murder trial for months in 2011, but were you that much of a "fan" that you would shell out big bucks for a piece of her clothing?

Several of the 27-year-old's pants and purses are now on sale for $800 a piece on a true crime collectibles and memorabilia website called Serial Killers Ink. Anthony, however, was never a serial killer. She wasn't even convicted of the one slaying she was charged with: the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony.

But Eric Holler, the 44-year-old Jacksonville, Florida, man who runs the "murderabilia" website said it doesn't matter; people still have an interest in owning a piece of Anthony because she was turned into a celebrity thanks to the media attention surrounding the case.

Holler said the items he's selling came from a garage sale held by Anthony's parents. A woman who bought the items reportedly told Holler she wanted to "wash her hands" of them.

"She wanted to document that the Anthonys were selling this stuff," Holler said. "She got bashed and Iím getting bashed. The Anthonys? They get a free ticket."

Holler wouldn't reveal how much he gave for the items but said he paid the woman what she originally paid -- plus shipping. She wasn't interested in making a profit, according to Holler, who admits that for him, the profit is what it's all about.

ďIf they want to attack me and say that Iím vile and ghoulish and disgusting or whatever -- well if it was not for my customers, I would not be in business. And thatís really what it comes down to. Thereís an intense fascination with true crime and I think a very large portion of society wants to own a piece of an infamous case," Holler said.

Some of the site's customers include criminal law professors, psychologists, police officers and collectors who show off the goods at true crime and horror conventions, according to Holler.

"It used to be very underground. Itís almost mainstream now," Holler said. "Every year I see a huge increase in profits. This last year -- 2013 -- Iím in a brand new tax bracket because I had such a good year."

Andy Kahan, a man who works for the Houston Police Department Crime Victims Assistance Division, is just one of the many trying to stop the sale of these types of items. He said he has worked to get eight states to adopt laws that prohibit criminals from profiting from their crimes.

"From a victimís perspective... this is absolutely the most nauseating and disgusting feeling in the world, to find out the person who murdered one of your loved ones now has items being bought by third parties," Kahan said. "Iím a firm believer in free enterprise and capitalism but I think you have to draw the line somewhere and from our perspective, this is where the buck has to stop."

Holler, however, said he never pays killers for their items, although he does admit to "helping" them out from time to time.

"If an inmate sends me a piece of art and I sell it for $500 -- Iím not going to purchase that piece of art from him but if he needs help Iím going to send him a little bit of money. Because heís helping me out," Holler said. "This is my living, theyíre paying my bills. Iím going to help them out."

Some of those guys who have gotten cash from Holler include Richard Ramirez, also known as the "Night Stalker" and Roderick Ferrell, the leader of the "vampire cult."

While Holler said he's passionate about the older cases that many of us grew up hearing about -- Charles Manson, Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer -- he also keeps up with current trials. He now has his sights set on one very familiar face from 2013: Jodi Arias.

"I would love to get with Jodi and have some of her items on my site," Holler said. "I have not contacted her yet but at some point I will contact her. I would love to have Jodi Ariasí items on my site, definitely."
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