KELLY TELLEZ - 6 yo - / Charged: Joaquin Ramos - Houston, TX

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KELLY TELLEZ - 6 yo - / Charged: Joaquin Ramos - Houston, TX

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Houston girl, 6, kidnapped, suspect arrested at hospital after wife gives birth

The 6-year-old girl, Kelly Tellez — who was snatched outside her Houston home — was saved after she bravely asked for help in a store bathroom. The suspect, Joaquin Ramos, 23, was arrested the next day - after family told police he was at a hospital with his wife and their newborn child.

Friday, January 31, 2014, 12:01 PM

Police said Joaquin Ramos, 23, confessed to kidnapping the 6-year-old girl after he was arrested in a nearby hospital, where his wife gave birth to his fourth child.

A Texas man suspected of kidnapping a 6-year-old girl was arrested soon after the tiny victim bravely called for help in a store bathroom — when he was spotted in a hospital, where his wife gave birth to their child, police said.

Joaquin Ramos, 23 — who allegedly snatched little Kelly Tellez from outside her Houston home — was collared after relatives told police he was with his wife at Memorial Hermann Hospital with their baby on Thursday, according to KHOU-TV.

Authorities said the child did not appear harmed during the hour-long abduction, but a relative said she’s been paralyzed in fear since the attack.

“She basically can’t sleep,” the girl’s aunt, Marlene Fernandez, told the news station. “She’s traumatized.”

The terrifying ordeal began after the victim and her mother pulled into a garage near their Wirt Road apartment, police said.

KHOUU11 Texas
Kelly Tellez, 6, was not hurt during the hour-long abduction, but her family said the child is traumatized.

As the mother unloaded groceries from the vehicle, Kelly stepped outside to look at the ice frozen to a fence next to the garage, police said.

Suddenly, a man grabbed the little girl and forced her into his Jeep Cherokee. The panicked mother saw the struggle but couldn’t run to the vehicle before it sped away, according to KTRK-TV.

About an hour later, Ramos pulled into a parking lot at the Memorial City Mall and said he needed to use a restroom. He took the victim into a Target, where he told the girl to use the bathroom, the news station reported.

But once inside the restroom, the courageous child immediately asked help from a woman — who ran and alerted the store’s manager.

Investigators arrived after Ramos fled, but they were able to find surveillance video clips of him in the store and released the images to the media.

KHOUU11 Texas
The little girl’s mother was unloading her car in this parking garage when Ramos allegedly snatched the child.
Police said Ramos’ family saw news reports of the kidnapping and told police the suspect was in the nearby hospital with his fourth child.

The suspect allegedly confessed to the abduction after he was cuffed.

The little girl — whose father died months ago in a wood shredder accident — was allowed home after an evaluation at a hospital.
The family was just grateful she was not hurt.

“My sister already lost a husband,” Fernandez told KTRK-TV. “Losing a 6-year-old, my sister would have gone insane. And I hope that (Ramos) gets what he gets and I hope everybody is listening to this — just take care of your kids.”

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