Casey Anthony Legal Doc's from Orlando Sentinel

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Casey Anthony Legal Doc's from Orlando Sentinel

Post by oviedo45 on Mon Nov 03, 2008 8:02 pm

Casey Anthony Case Legal Documents - PDF

posted by utahgrandma on the main blog

Page 1: Arrest Affidavit

Page 2: Arrest Narrative

Page 6: Witnesses - Amanda Macklin

Page 6: Witnesses - Dave Turner

Page 6: Witnesses - Leonardo Turtora

Page 6: Witnesses - Zenaida Gonzalez

Page 7: Witnesses - Rosanna Bonilla

Page 7: Witnesses - Anthony Lazarro

Page 7: Witnesses - Amy Huizenga

Page 7: Witnesses - Ricardo Morales

Page 7: Witnesses - Jessie Grund

Page 10: Arrest Affidavit - Suppliment

Page 15: Arrest Affidavit - Suppliment

Page 19: Witnesses - Repeat

Page 21: Caylee Anthony's Birth Certificate

Page 22: Caylee Anthony Photo Taken June 15th, 2008

Page 27: Diary of Days Comment Casey Anthony Myspace (1 page)

Page 28: Casey Anthony Hand Written Statement

Page 32: Lee Anthony Hand Written Statement

Page 33: Cindy Anthony Myspace Comment

Page 34: Cindy Anthony Hand Written Statement

Page 36: George Anthony Hand Written Statement

Page 40: Jessie Grund Hand Written Statement

Page 43: Roy Clinton House Hand Written Statement

Page 44: Kristina Marie Chester Hand Written Statement

Page 45: Sawgrass Apt's Application Zenaida Gonzalez June 17th, 2008

Page 46: Zenaida Gonzalez Hand Written Statement

Page 47: Zenaida Gonzales Photo Comment w/Signature (Casey)

Page 48: Zenaida Gonzalez Photo Comment w Signature (Caylee)

Page 50: Joseph and Stacy Oaks Apartment Lease

Page 55: Harry Garcia Typed Statement

Page 57: Amanda Macklin Typed Statement

Page 59: 911 Call Cindy Anthony Transcription

Page 63: 911 Call Cindy Anthony/Casey Anthony Transcription #2

Page 68: Casey Anthony Taped Interview Transcription

Page 84: Casey Anthony Taped Interview Transcription #2

Page 151: Ryan Pasley Taped Interview Transcription

Page 183: Ricardo Moralez Taped Interview Transcription

Page 200: Kiomarie Cruz Taped Interview Transcription

Page 208: Kiomarie Cruz Taped Interview Transcription #2

Page 226: Amy Huizenga Taped Interview Transcription

Page 264: Anthony Lazzaro Taped Interview Transcription

Page 287: Orange County Sheriff Incident Report

Page 288: Orange County Sheriff Incident Report and Narrative

Page 293: Orange County Sheriff Evidence Log and Narrative

Page 297: Witnesses - Danny Colamarino, Maria Kishh, Jonathan & Sean Daly

Page 300: Witnesses - Bobby Lee Williams, Charles Lance White, Matthew
Allen Crisp, Danielle E Lucey-Austin

Page 307: Witnesses - Wanda Denise Wery, Nicholas Marlin Hunt, Samara Melich, Michael Erickson, Stephen Fusco

Page 310: Statement of Cadaver Dog Search Casey's Car

Page 312: Witnesses - Anthony M. Lazzaro, Jeffery D. Hopkins, Melissa Berry Hopkins, Amy Jennifer Huizenga, Ricardo Moralez, Jeffrey Dale Hopkins II, Simon A. Birch, Gary Calvin Ridgeway, Catherine Sanchez, Nicole Lorraine Lett

Page 325: Email regarding Thomas Franck Server Tech Dept. Universal Studios

Page 335: Eli Sleiman Statement of Chuck E. Cheese Caylee Sighting

Page 337: Thomas Anthony Galaida Statement Regarding Anthony Lazzaro Vehicle

Page 342: Witnesses - Amanda Macklin - Harry Garcia Statement

Page 346: Witnesses - Brian Burner, Kiomarie J Torres Cruz Evidence

Page 351: Witnesses - Zenaida Rosado Alias: Zenaida Gonzalez, Barbara J. Carey, Carmelo Rosado, Brittany Schieber

Page 353: Evidence and Property Report Anthony Home

Page 356: Evidence and Property Report Johnson Tow Yard

Page 357: Evidence and Property Report Danielle E. Lucey Austin

Page 358: Evidence and Property Report Sawgrass Apt. Guest Card Apt# 210

Page 361: Search Warrant Narrative

Page 367: Search Warrant Inventory - Epithelial Swabs, Hair Samples

Page 368: Court Order for Cellphone Records

Page 374: Johnson's Wrecker Service Inc. Bill

Page 375: Title for George and Cindy's Pontiac Sunbird

Page 376: Osco Impound Document

Page 378: Order for Vehicle Impound from Amscot

Page 380: Universal Studios Employee Search Captures

Page 388: Email from Lee Anthony

Page 389: Universal Studios Investigations Email

Page 393: Colorvision Responses Emails

Page 396: Event Imaging Group Emails

Page 400: Event Imaging Solutions Wage Verification

Page 401: Raquell Farrell TGI Friday Verification

Page 412: Yahoo email for East Coast VP

Page 416: Valencia College Response Letter

Page 418: Brian Burner Taped Interview Transcription

Page 430: Brian Burner Taped Interview Transcription

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