Searcher David Lohr discusses what was found 11/08/08

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Searcher David Lohr discusses what was found 11/08/08

Post by petesaparte on Sun Nov 09, 2008 6:28 am

David Lohr's update of the search

The Latest Developments in the Caylee Anthony Search

It was a busy day today in the search for Casey Anthony's missing daughter, 2-year-old Caylee Anthony. While we did not get the expected turnout about 1,300 volunteers showed up we were able to cover a lot of ground and clear over one third of the search grid.

Unfortunately, some things got a bit out of hand today when some volunteers leaked information on the Internet about some of the items that were found.

Earlier today, I attempted to clear up the details about the team of forensic students that made a find near Jay Blanchard Park. There was initially
a bit of confusion over that because there were several finds made in the park today.

Some bones, which have since been identified as dog bones, were found near a lake. Another set of bones, found with what appeared to be internal organs, were also found; however it is my understanding that they are also believed to be animal bones.

At about the same time those items were found, the team of forensic students, along with another group of volunteers, found a pair of children's underwear, a plastic bag with shoes, a rubber glove and a machete discarded in the weeds. I am being very specific about these items because one of the volunteers has already leaked the information on another message board.

I arrived on the scene shortly after the second find and I was there when the CSI's came in to examine the items. To clarify what some other boards are reporting, the shoes were men's I think size 9 - and the children's undergarments that were found were identified as boys underwear. The machete was rusty and appeared to have been in the weeds for some time. Last time we were in this area during the Aug.-Sept. search this particular area was under several feet of water. At any rate, none of the items are believed to be related to the case.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of chatter and rumors about a cross necklace that was found in the woods. I have been aware of this find but was asked not to share the information. That information got leaked by a blogger on another site today and it has since been twisted into several different versions.

Yes, a cross was found hanging on a tree branch. No, it was not found today, it was found during the first search effort. The information has been carefully guarded because we were not sure of the significance of the find. It was not a store bought necklace, but a craft item that someone had made out of plastic and beads. What made the find interesting was that the beads, according to Leonard Padilla, were "identical" to beads that the female bounty hunter (the one who stayed in the house when Casey was out on bond) had seen on jewlery that Casey had allegedly made. Is it related to the case? Unknown. I saw a photo of the cross today but unfortunately that is the only thing they have. The cross was left on the branch and, according to Rob Dick, disappeared shortly thereafter.

My understanding is that a second cross was found today I am not sure if it was a jewelry item or marker but law enforcement has since discovered that it had been placed in the area by the family of a murder victim. It is unrelated to the case.

It is unfortunate that the cross information has been leaked. I had not planned on discussing it like this, but felt that it is necessary to clarify the information.

Sadly, there are some volunteers that are not here for Caylee, but who are here so that they can post messages on the Internet about all of the items that are found during the search. As a result, many of these people have been banned from joining in the search effort.

Whenever I am on the scene I am very careful in what I report. I am often privy to many details; however I do not post anything without first getting it cleared. I walk a fine line, giving you all of the information I can without compromising the case or the trust that I have earned.

That being said, EquuSearch remains in need of volunteers to come join the search effort. Anyone interested should come to the command center, which is located in Orlando, at the SE corner of Judge and Shadowridge. The command post is also in desperate need of supplies for the volunteers.

I will be back on the scene again tomorrow brining you all the latest developments.
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