Monday 11/10/08 Search Efforts

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Monday 11/10/08 Search Efforts

Post by petesaparte on Mon Nov 10, 2008 3:45 pm

Padilla's Team Searches Area Where Cross Was Found

Monday, November 10, 2008 updated: 9:13 am EST November 10, 2008ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- Two major searches for Caylee Anthony's remains began Monday morning at 8:00am. Texas based Equusearch scoured parts of Orange County for the third day with the help of volunteers.

Equusearch said they have received no help or cooperation from Casey Anthony, who is charged with first-degree murder of her daughter Caylee, or her family.
George Anthony showed up at the Kid Finders Command & Volunteer Center Saturday afternoon. He said he holds no ill will toward EquuSearch and its theory that Caylee is dead. The grandfather is holding out hope that Caylee would be found alive. He also said his wife, Cindy, was not taking the search too well. She was not at the Kid Finders location.

Meanwhile, bounty hunter Leonard Padilla hired a four-person dive team to search part of the Little Econ River in Blanchard Park. He said the FBI is involved in the search as well. Padilla and his team focused on the river where a cross was found nearby.

"We feel confident enough, we have to, and we have to check it out" he said.

The cross was found hanging on a tree very close to the Econ River, which was the site of a major search effort to find Caylee's body.

"You can't let something like this go because is sounds strange," said Padilla.

A team member from Equusearch snapped a picture back in August of the cross hanging from a tree. The cross is made from the same type of arts and crafts materials found in Casey's bedroom.

Padilla said he is focusing his attention on the photograph.

"We looked at the tree where the cross was hanging and it's not more than 70 yards away from the water's edge," he said.

Searchers walked through dense brush, fields, even water. But aside from clothing and some apparent animal bones they found nothing to indicate they child's remains were there.

"If you really want to delve into the mind of Casey Anthony, delve deep into some shrink's ugly book, because she's an ugly minded person," said Padilla.
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