Rob and LP closing their website

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Rob and LP closing their website

Post by carlos on Thu Nov 13, 2008 3:00 pm

I am a member of Rob and LP website. It cost $10.00 to join. Here is what is in my email this morning 11/13/08. It was sent last night.

It comes with great sadness that I will be closing the forum and refunding all money received. This comes from being exposed to groups like Kidfinders and Tim Miller from Texas EquuSearch. I am shocked and amazed by the actions of these groups.

I am not one to bad mouth someone or give speculation as to one’s motives; however, I will not stand by and have Leonard or myself attacked by people that have no business throwing rocks when they themselves live in glass houses. I will tell it like it is because I was there and I am an eyewitness to the events.

For the last few months Leonard has been on Nancy Grace promoting TES and asking people to donate to his cause as well as offer whatever assistance to the search effort of TES. The publicity of this case through the efforts of Nancy Grace and Leonard Padilla by keeping it in the headlines has generated the participation and funds for TES that Tim himself told us making this the largest search in the history of TES.

Leonard Padilla has covered all expenses of our group out of his own pocket for both trips from California to Florida including the funding for the original bail bond of $500,000.

I am repulsed by the actions of Tim Miller and the fact that he is biting the hand that feeds him; I am not sure how he thought he had received so many donations and response to his search. He is upset because people stopped Leonard or I to take some photos, I am not sure as to what he wanted; us to shun people away or act stuck up, maybe it gave the volunteers something to do as they stood around waiting to start searching while Tim set up his command center and trying to get organized during the morning after the search was already to begin, not sure what he was doing for the four days he was here before the search was to start but I said I wouldn’t get into that.

It has been reported on The Daily BS (I couldn’t have named that site any better…lol) “membership at his forum site, profiting $298,500 as of Monday” now I am not sure what kind of calculator these guys are using but, anyone can go to the forum not even being a member, click on the Statistics tab and see that there are 169 members. Now multiply 169 x $9.95 – the $ 0.59 (that Paypal charges) = $1,581.84 as well as an additional $270.00 in donations.

I have the money for Tim Millers group however where is he, Tim stated on National TV that he was coming into town to conduct the largest search in the nation to find Caylee and that he would not leave town until he found her. Now I am not going to go into the fact that he was here for three days of searching and leaves town when he receives $30,000 to go up and search in North Carolina for another family. Is Tim chasing after lost individuals or is he chasing the money but I will stop here as I said I would not sink to his level. I also realize that helping other families is important but he should not have a problem with us continuing to search.

I will not run from these lies and false statements however, maybe people are right; it is not our job to raise money for this organizations and I will not contribute another ounce of energy to bring money to Tim Miller. I am refunding every dollar to the people that have donated for this effort. I will not be associated with handing Tim one cent that I helped raise for his efforts, if anyone wants to donate to TES please donate direct to them, for I will not be involved. I apologize for not furthering the forum but will concentrate on doing what is our job: reading through the lies and solving the mystery. We are thinkers and our job is to get to the bottom of the lies involved in this crime and the focus should have always been for…. BRINGING CAYLEE HOME.

The same goes for Kidfinders. I know for a fact that this organization as attempted to stop both searches of the water at J. Blanchard Park. Why is this? Why would anyone not want the search for Caylee to continue until she is found? Are we onto something? The only thing that comes to mind is that if Caylee is found, Kidfinders does not receive any more donations. So, who is really exploiting the family?

Thanks for all the kind words on the forum and all the smart thinkers out there. We will be left to continue the search.

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Supreme Commander of the Universe With Cape AND Tights AND Fancy Headgear

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