Video Released of FBI questioning GA

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Video Released of FBI questioning GA

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Video Released Of FBI Questioning George Anthony

Friday, November 21, 2008 updated: 1:18 pm EST November 21, 2008ORLANDO, Fla. -- FBI tapes released Friday reveal new information about Casey Anthony and her web of lies surrounding the disappearance of her daughter Caylee. Casey Anthony told lie after lie to her parents and even stole from her daughter's own piggy bank.

Detectives told George that they were going to find out what happened to Caylee, regardless of whether Casey or the Anthonys got hurt in the process. During the interview on July 31, they made it very clear their focus was finding Caylee.

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During investigators' interview with Casey Anthony's father George in late July, he told detectives that Caylee would run to grandmother Cindy or George before running to Casey, because they were always there for Caylee.

George told investigators Casey stole money from them for years, sometimes forged deposits and even stole from Caylee's piggy bank and her savings account. Investigators said Cindy was presenting the family through rose-colored glasses, because she could not accept the reality of what Casey had become and had a hard time facing the amount of money that Casey had stolen from them.

George also told detectives how Casey would not let him near her car trunk a week after Caylee disappeared. He wanted to retrieve the gas cans she had taken from his shed.

"She's done some bad things. I started to get sick about it. I got sick. I thought I knew my daughter," George told investigators. "Casey just blows past me. 'Dad, I'll get it.' I said, 'Casey, I'm capable of getting it out.' Then she says, 'Dad, I'll get it.' And she keeps pushing her hand back.' Don't come close, you know, type deal. Finally I get back to the back of the car. She opens up the trunk and she says, 'Here's your f****** cans.'"

George said his gut feeling told him something was wrong. Caylee was not with Casey that day, June 24, and she kept telling him Caylee was fine and was with the nanny.

George told detectives Casey added the job "nanny" to her own resume, which he called her out on because she had never worked as a nanny.

George also admitted he lost thousands of dollars on an emailed UK lottery scam, something he lied to his wife about, telling her instead he had gambled it away.

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