Trial postponed per JB request to March

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Trial postponed per JB request to March

Post by oviedo45 on Thu Dec 11, 2008 2:55 pm
Casey Anthony Trial Postponed Until March

Thursday, December 11, 2008 updated: 9:33 am EST December 11, 2008
ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- During Thursday morning's pre-trial hearing in the case against Casey Anthony, the judge postponed the trial until sometime in March per attorney Jose Baez's request.

The judge set another pre-trial status hearing for January 15 at 9:00am, but did not specify when in March the trial would start.

Casey Anthony did not attend Thursday's hearing.


Cindy and George Anthony appeared on CNN's Larry King Live Wednesday night, but offered very little new information.

"It's come up for nothing. There is nothing they have found that has given them any evidence that Caylee is no longer with us," said Cindy.

The Anthonys said they are trying to keep the search for their granddaughter Caylee as the main focus. However, the couple defended their daughter Casey in front of a national audience. Despite Casey being charged with murdering her own daughter, Cindy didn't have a problem defending her.

"Casey has done nothing to her daughter. There is no evidence that shows that," Cindy said. "I can with 100 percent of my being say that I believe that Casey had nothing to do with Caylee's disappearance."

George Anthony originally told the FBI that he recognized the unmistakable smell of a decomposing body, but his story has changed.

"Inside that bag was garbage. There really was pizza, I seen it and I know what was in there," George said to Larry King.

The Anthonys say they are focusing on the alleged Caylee sightings and claim the most recent was Wednesday in Tennessee inside of a grocery store.

"My investigator has already spoken with the Tennessee authorities and the tipster and we are just waiting to see if there is any video in the store," Cindy said.

George and Cindy also spoke out against law enforcement.

"I wanted them to put out an Amber Alert for my granddaughter, which they never did. They never contacted the FBI and I wanted them to," George said.


Jose Baez wants to investigate detectives from the Orange County Sheriff's Office. Wednesday, Baez sent someone to the sheriff's office to get the personnel files of detectives John Allen and Yuri Melich.

However, he didn't pick up the list of 1,800 Caylee sightings that he requested over a month ago. Despite all the evidence, the Anthonys insist Caylee is alive.

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