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We get most of our information from Main Stream Media. You will find most posts with links to our stories. It is now our policy here at J4C to remove names from this website by request. We will perform our due diligence in verifying a request for removal, to make certain the person making the request is authorized to do so, and is in a safe place. We will collect your information in an effort to accomplish verification.

We have compassion for your situations, we are here to raise awareness and help where we can, in the fight against child abuse, exploitation and murder. It is not our intention to cause further harm to a child by leaving their names here.

The problem of missing and exploited children has become so massively overwhelming, despite the fact that we have the technology and human resources to end this horrific scourge. Instead, the very technology that could be used for so much good, is being used for so much evil.

I offer my most sincere apologies to our children. There are people who care, and who are doing what they can to turn this around for you. I am one of them.


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Post by inmyfloridaopinion on Tue Oct 08, 2013 4:51 pm

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Supreme Commander of the Universe With Cape AND Tights AND Fancy Headgear
Supreme Commander of the Universe With Cape AND Tights AND Fancy Headgear

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