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Post by shelby Tue Oct 19, 2010 9:51 pm

Baby bashed to death


October 28th, 2009

THE crumpled body of a six-week-old baby was rushed to Royal Darwin Hospital yesterday but he was declared dead on arrival.

The bloodied little boy had been bashed.

His death follows a series of recent suspected child abuse cases.

NT Child Protection Minister Malarndirri McCarthy said yesterday her "primary concern is what has been raised about (these) children in the media".

Ms McCarthy rejected mounting concerns that the system was failing vulnerable children yesterday.

Paramedics desperately tried to revive the tiny boy in an ambulance before he was pronounced dead at the hospital's emergency department at 4.50am.

It is understood he was "blue in colour" and was not breathing when ambulance officers picked him up from a northern suburbs house.

But St John deputy operations manager Craig Garraway told the Northern Territory News he could not confirm claims the boy was covered in blood.

"But that would be reasonably normal with cardiac arrest," he said.

The boy's family is understood to be known to child protection services.

NT police major crime detectives are now investigating the death and an autopsy is under way.

Hospital general manager Alan Wilson and Justice Department spokeswoman Leanne Coleman released statements saying the Coroner would investigate the death.

The baby's death came on the same day as it was revealed that child protection workers did nothing after Royal Darwin Hospital director of pediatrics Dr Paul Bauert sent them a letter warning a child would starve to death if they failed to act.

The letter was leaked to the NT News.

Several other suspected Territory child abuse cases have surfaced since Friday.

"The time for evasion and denial is over," Opposition child abuse spokeswoman Jodeen Carney said. "We can and we must do much better at protecting the most vulnerable members of our society."

While refusing to talk about the details of the cases, Ms McCarthy admitted more funding was needed.
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Post by shelby Thu Oct 21, 2010 8:55 am

Baby in pram pulled from Brisbane River From: AAP October 21, 2010 4:43PM

A PASSERS-BY has dragged a baby strapped in his pram from the Brisbane River in the city's centre.
It is not yet known how the boy came to be in the water near Little Stanley Street at South Bank just after 1pm (AEST) today.

Queensland Ambulance Service paramedics responded to the emergency but, police said, a passer-by had managed to save the child.

A Department of Community Safety spokesman said it was not known how the young boy came to be in the river.
Paramedics treated the boy then took him in a stable condition to the Royal Children's Hospital as a precaution.

No further details are available.

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AUSTRALIA Cases  Empty Seven Children Starved and Beaten

Post by shelby Thu Oct 21, 2010 11:09 am

Family removed from house at centre of Adelaide neglect case

FOURTEEN children and three adults have been removed from a Housing Trust property at the centre of a child neglect investigation that has shocked South Australia.
Families SA social workers, Housing SA officers and Elizabeth CIB detectives converged on the three-bedroom Parafield Gardens house at 4pm before removing its occupants in a 20-minute operation.

Teenagers and toddlers covered with blankets and clothing were walked to two Toyota Tarago vans parked on the house's front lawn while three male adults and one female adult were placed into Toyota Camry sedans.

A private security officer was positioned at the property's front door during the operation, which also included the removal of 12 rabbits.

The removal of the children was welcomed by neighbours, who have been complaining about the large number of people living in the house over the past two years.

One woman, who asked not to be named, said it was "amazing" that, after months of inaction by Housing SA, "they have suddenly found somewhere for them after the Minister (Jay Weatherill) only said on radio this morning it would take another three months".

"I'm just so glad they've been taken somewhere else, anywhere would have been better than staying in there," she said.

The woman yesterday spent 10 minutes inside the house, later telling The Advertiser it was in a filfthy condition, with human excrement smeared on walls and floors, no furniture, no appliances, no bedding and bare floors.

"I just can't believe how, after all the complaints made to Housing SA, that they were taken away from there on Sunday night, then brought back and allowed to stay there again when they must have known how appalling it was inside," she said.

"Thank God they're finally removed them. All I have ever worried about is those poor children and what they have been living amongst.

"They couldn't have stayed there, they just couldn't. I just hope now they are going somewhere decent where they will be happy."

Residents hid dogs in 'pigsty'

Earlier, the tenants today admitted hiding five dogs from the RSPCA, which today described their living conditions as a "pigsty".

The animal welfare organisation late this morning returned to the three-bedroom Parafield Gardens house after receving reports it contained more animals than previously believed.

The visit to the house - which has been occupied by up to six adults and 21 children in recent months - followed an inspection on Tuesday, during which two stray dogs were removed by the RSPCA for flea and worm infestation treatment.

The RSCPA officer who conducted yesterday's inspection today found two female Maltese shitzu puppies which a pet shop owner said he sold on Monday, two female Staffordshire-chihuahuas and an English bulldog, which were examined and deemed to be good health.

RSPCA spokesperson Aimee McKay said the dogs and a fishtank with a walking fish and numerous goldfish had been "hidden" during the inspection on Monday.

Asked by The Advertiser if this meant they had been deliberately concealed, Ms McKay said: "You could say that."

"We didn't have access to the inside of the property yesterday as we needed a warrant, which we didn't have. We asked how many animals there were and we told there were the only two stray dogs," she said.

"We then received information that there were more animals and we called them and they co-operated.

"We were certainly misled on the number of animals."

Ms McKay said the living conditions for the animals in the house's backyard, which contains a large amount of rubbish and junk, were unsatisfactory.

"With the amount of debris and litter that there is, I think a lot of people would describe it (the backyard) as a pigsty," she said.

Ms McKay said the RSCPA inspector had provided advice to the house's occupants on how to care for the animals, which were permitted to remain.

Woman living in the house charged with neglect

Families SA yesterday visited the Parafield Gardens home just hours after one of its occupants, a pregnant mother of seven, 28, appeared in the Elizabeth Magistrates Court charged with multiple counts of child neglect.

The woman – who was evicted three years ago from public housing interstate following complaints from neighbours – moved into the house three months ago at the invitation of her sister-in-law, 35, a pregnant mother of 12 who moved to SA from Victoria with her partner two years ago.

Four adults are now in the house – the charged woman's sister-in-law, her brother and their respective partners.

Six of the woman's children last night remained in a stable condition at the Women's and Children's Hospital, where they were taken for treatment following police raids on the property and another house at Elizabeth Grove on Sunday night.

Starved, beaten boy could have died: doctor

Updated October 13, 2010 09:34:00

The court has released images from a house where the alleged neglect happened (ABC News)

One of five Victorian children allegedly starved and beaten in Adelaide's northern suburbs could have died if he had not been taken to hospital, the South Australian Supreme Court has been told.

Emergency doctor Cathrin Parsch told the court the five-year-old boy was unconscious and his body temperature was 26 degrees when he arrived at the Lyell McEwin hospital in 2008.

She said he was put into a neonatal crib to warm him up.

Dr Parsch said the boy was the sickest child she had seen in her 18 years as a doctor.

She said he may have died that night or suffered permanent brain damage if he had not been treated.

Dr Parsch also treated the boy's twin brother who had a dead beetle removed from his ear canal.

Three men and three women are accused of abuse.

The men are on trial.

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AUSTRALIA Cases  Empty Seven Children Neglected and Beaten

Post by shelby Thu Oct 21, 2010 11:57 am

A court has heard some of the children involved in neglect at this house had their hands and feet bound with tape. (ABC News)

Neglected and abused kids 'wolfed' down dog food to survive
FIVE children looked like they were from a famine-struck Third World country after being deprived of adequate food for months a court heard yesterday.
The children, who had been living in a cramped, cockroach-infested Adelaide home, came to the attention of South Australian authorities when their mother took one of the children, a five-year-old boy, to hospital and he was found to be hypothermic and malnourished. He weighed only 14kg and had open sores on his legs and multiple bruises.

Three men pleaded not guilty in the South Australian Supreme Court yesterday to child neglect charges relating to the five children, in a case judge Kevin Duggan warned the jury would be "quite unpleasant".

Crown prosecutor Brian Nitschke told the jury in his opening address it was alleged three men and three women, all of whom cannot be named to protect the identities of the children, deprived the children of adequate food between February and June 2008. "These five children went from healthy looking children to looking like children from a famine-affected Third World country," he said. 'It's alleged that these children were subjected to a cruel regime while in the house."

Mr Nitschke said the regime included the five children, four boys and a girl aged between seven and four, being forced to stand in a line against a wall for hours on end and allowed to eat only leftover food after others in the house, including the adults and 16 other children, had eaten.

He said if a child "broke out" of the line to snatch food, an adult would grab the child around the throat and choke them so they could not swallow.

The jury also heard a visitor to the house would testify the children were offered dog food if they were hungry, which they "wolfed down". The jury was told the mother of the five children was sentenced to six years in jail last week. One of the men on trial is the father of the five children

I hope these poor children can recover from this horrible abuse.....
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AUSTRALIA Cases  Empty SEVEN Children Starved and Beaten

Post by shelby Thu Oct 21, 2010 12:41 pm

Pictures of house of horrors.............http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/galleries/gallery-e6frecgc-1225937816697?page=2

AUSTRALIA Cases  816076-parafield-gardensAUSTRALIA Cases  815213-parafield-gardensAUSTRALIA Cases  815264-parafield-gardensAUSTRALIA Cases  816148-parafield-gardensAUSTRALIA Cases  815237-parafield-gardens

What a lovely family !!!! These poor children had to live in this filth plus endure beatings, being deprived of food and being treated like animals. judge1 i hope justice is served !! And these children can find happy and loving familys to care for them.

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Post by shelby Mon Oct 25, 2010 9:15 am

Starving kids 'weren't my problem',

Neglect case jury hears Jordanna Schriever, Court Reporter From: AdelaideNow October 25, 2010 3:29PM

A MAN accused of starving and choking five emaciated children has told a Supreme Court jury "it wasn't my responsibility" to care for the siblings.
The man, then the partner of the children's mother, today told the jury he took responsibility only for his own toddler son.

Under cross examination, the man agreed he had made a positive decision not to contact authorities about the children's welfare.

"I turned a blind eye to it... I didn't really realise that it was going on."

"I had always been told never to be involved with welfare... that was how I was brought up.

"I had always been told if welfare or Families SA got involved you would never see your children again."

Prosecutors have alleged the siblings were starved in a northern suburbs house which housed more than 20 people, including six adults, between February and June 2008.

Today, the man said he had only noticed how emaciated the children were in the days before they were admitted to hospital.

"I knew that it was bad, but I didn't know how bad," he said.

"It was probably a couple of days before that I was sort of like `oh s-t', how bad they were."

He said he would never have allowed his own son, who also lived in the house, to be starved.

"It wouldn't have happened," he said.

He said it was the responsibility of the children's mother and father to feed the siblings "because they were their children.

"It wasn't my responsibility to deal with those children," he said.

The court has heard the children were punished and made to stand in line all day every day, because another woman - the partner of the children's father - had masterminded the "cruel regime".

The court has heard each of the five children suffered scabies and malnutrition and were emaciated.

Today, the man told the court he had told the children's mother they needed to be better fed, then "washed his hands" of her and her children.

He said he had originally moved into the house for a "fresh start" with the children's mother and had intended to move out, but housing waiting lists were long and he did not have enough references to apply for a private rental.

He denied choking the children and said he only ordered them into line "to stop them from getting into more trouble".

He and two other men have each pleaded not guilty to counts of aggravated acts endangering life, criminal neglect and aggravated acts creating risk of serious harm.

The two co-accused men - including the children's father - elected not to call any witnesses to rebut allegations they starved the five children.

That announcement means prosecutors have been "put to proof" and the jury must decide whether the case against the men has been proved beyond reasonable doubt.

The jury will hear closing submissions tomorrow.

House of Horrors adults named by Supreme Court of South Australia

  • From: AdelaideNow
  • November 03, 2010 3:21PM

  • THE identities of three men and a woman who bound, starved, punished and neglected five innocent children in an Adelaide home can finally be revealed.

Supreme Court Justice Kevin Duggan today said there was no longer any reason the names of Luke Andrew Armistead, Robert Armistead, Michael Benjamin Quinlivan and Tania Marie Staker should be obscured.
Armistead, Armistead and Quinlivan were last week found guilty, by a jury, of two counts each of aggravated acts to endanger life, and three counts each of aggravated acts creating a risk of serious harm.
Staker - the mastermind of the cruel regime - pleaded guilty to the same charges prior to trial.
Although no suppression orders had been placed on the group's identities, AdelaideNow chose not to name them so as to ensure the trial proceeded without impediment.
Today, Justice Duggan commended the media on their approach to the difficult case.
"The media have, quite properly, taken a careful attitude towards this matter," he said.
"But I think the court should now say something to indicate that publication of the names of these prisoners will not identify the victims."
Staker and the men committed their crimes in a northern suburbs home between February and June 2008.
They were among 20 adults and children who lived in the house.
During the trial, the jury heard Staker masterminded "a cruel regime" to punish the children.
They had been fathered by her then-partner, Luke Armistead, and another woman - whose identity is suppressed to protect the children.
That woman subsequently had a relationship with Michael Quinlivan, who also lived in the house.
Staker and Quinlivan are siblings, while Robert Armistead is Luke Armistead's former step-father.
The children suffered starvation, malnutrition, emaciation and scabies.
Authorities became aware of the situation when one child was taken to hospital with a head injury and severe hypothermia.
During the trial, jurors heard the children survived on chips and noodles when they were permitted to eat.
One day, they were given dog food and told "if you're hungry, eat this".
The children's mother - who also pleaded guilty to criminal neglect - said she lived in fear of Staker, claiming to be "numb" because of her own dysfunctional childhood.
One of the five children, who gave evidence before the jury, said they were fed enough to keep them alive "but not that much".

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/house-of-horrors-adults-named-by-supreme-court-of-south-australia/story-e6frfku0-1225947344423?from=public_rss#ixzz14C4fGLWb

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Post by shelby Mon Nov 01, 2010 6:33 am

Couple jailed for sex with son aged nine October 15, 2010
.A married Sydney couple have been jailed for "disturbing" sex crimes against their nine-year-old son.

The man, 57, and woman, 49, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting the boy between January and November 2009 at their suburban Sydney home.

The father has also admitted streaming footage online of his wife and son engaging in sex acts.

Advertisement: Story continues below At Sydney's Downing Centre District Court today, Judge Anthony Garling sentenced the man to serve a minimum of nine years' jail.

With time already served, he will be eligible for release in November 2018.

"This man was sexually abusing his son and I have no doubt he was doing it for his own sexual gratification," Judge Garling said.

The man pleaded guilty to two charges of sexual intercourse with his son and two counts of committing an indecent act, as well as using the boy for child pornographic purposes, indecently assaulting him, possessing child pornography and using the internet to offend.

The offences included performing oral sex on the child, "massaging" his penis and having the boy do the same to him.

"It is hard to imagine a greater breach of trust than what the male offender has committed," Judge Garling said.

"This is his son, who was entitled to be protected by his father, not abused by him."

The woman was sentenced to serve at least three years and nine months in jail after pleading guilty to sexual intercourse with her son and two counts of committing an act of indecency.

The offences included the mother performing oral sex on her child.

She will be eligible for release on parole in August 2013, taking into account time already served in custody.

"[The woman's] attitude to these offences is almost unbelievable," Judge Garling said.

"She blames her husband and I am satisfied that he did have some domination over her. However, she seems to believe it is acceptable to carry out sexual acts with her nine-year-old son.

"She, like her husband, seemed to think that if her son did not protest at the age of nine, he is consenting and indeed enjoying it.

"If that attitude is true, it is disturbing to find parents with that attitude in our community."

Judge Garling found the boy, who is now in the care of DOCS, had suffered "significant emotional harm" as a result of the abuse.

The court has been told previously that the woman intends to divorce the man and wants to have nothing more to do with him.

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Post by shelby Tue Nov 02, 2010 11:13 am

Sister attack ends in jail
EMILY WATKINS | November 2nd, 2010

Man who attacked sister for being a 'slut' is denied bail
A MAN who bashed his teenaged sister because she was breaking their family's cultural beliefs by running off with her boyfriend has been sentenced to 12 months in prison.

Ahmed Al-Tai, 21, pleaded guilty to breaking into the house his sister, 16, was staying in and launching a sustained attack on her while their mother watched.

Darwin Magistrates Court heard that Al-Tai was living in Broome at the time, and their mother called him to come home to bring his sister back home.

The court heard that their mother watched as Al-Tai punched and stomped on the girl, knocking one of her teeth out before dragging her to the car by her hair.

Their mother took him to the hospital for his injuries, but took the girl home and told her to wash her face and make up a story for the hospital staff before taking her for treatment.

Al-Tai's lawyer Gus Bernardi yesterday told the court the family came as refugees from Iraq, and that they had a difficult time settling in with no support.

Mr Bernardi said Al-Tai's mother had trouble settling into Australian life, and was frightened her daughter would lose her virginity and put any marriage engagement into jeopardy.

Mr Bernardi said Al-Tai loved his sister, and had acted out of emotion.

In sentencing, Chief Magistrate Hilary Hannam said the assault was serious.

"It's very, very concerning that there continues to be some form of suggestion that your behaviour is in anyway acceptable because of your cultural beliefs," Ms Hannam said. "The vast majority (of refugees) settle here as law-abiding citizens ... and accept that the law applies to all people and the protection of the law is something all Australians, regardless of their backgrounds, are entitled to."

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Post by twinkletoes Mon Nov 08, 2010 5:12 pm

Mum who murdered kids appeals 'unreasonable' conviction

Amelia Bentley

November 8, 2010 - 12:20PM

A woman convicted of murdering two of her children by gassing them to death in the family car is appealing her ''unreasonable'' conviction and sentence. The woman, who cannot be named as it would identify her surviving son, was jailed for life earlier this year after jurors found her guilty of murdering her 10-year-old daughter and eight-year-old son.

She was also found guilty of the attempted murder of her 16-year-old disabled son, who managed to escape the garage of the family's Bribie Island home where the mother had set up a hose from her car exhaust pipe through the window of her sedan.

Before the November 2002 murders, the mother crushed sedatives in the children's milk then told them they were going for a drive.

The dead children's bodies were not found for several days. During a trial in Brisbane Supreme Court earlier this year, the woman pleaded not guilty to the charges. Her lawyers argued her capacity to control herself - and to know what she was doing was wrong - was substantially impaired by mental health issues.

Prosecutors argued the woman was motivated by revenge against her ex-husband, the children's father, with whom she was battling in the Family Court over custody.

In the Court of Appeal in Brisbane this morning lawyers for the mother argued jurors may have given more weight in their deliberations to a psychiatrist who revealed in her evidence that she had been retained by an ''independent authority'' to assess the woman.

The independent authority was the Mental Health Court, where the woman's case had been examined before it was moved to the Queensland Supreme Court earlier this year.

Defence barrister Michael Byrne QC said the reference to the Mental Health Court and the witness's status as being retained by a court, not prosecution or defence, could have swayed jurors against his client. "That in our submission leads to gross unfairness in this case," he said.

Mr Byrne also argued the murder verdicts were unreasonable on the evidence. Alternatively, convictions for manslaughter would have resulted in a sentence of between eight and 12 years, he said.

The Court of Appeal has reserved its decision.
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Post by shelby Mon Nov 22, 2010 12:28 pm

Thought it would be nice to post this ,with all the sad stories we have this is one to brighten up your day.

Young hero, 6, calls 000 to save unconscious mother A QUICK-THINKING six-year-old has been hailed a hero after he found his mother lying unconscious and potentially saved her life by calling an ambulance.
Jyles Coad-Ward even gave paramedics detailed directions to his family's Claremont house so they wouldn't get lost. And the resourceful boy kept calm despite the emergency unfolding about 1am.
His heroism will be recognised by St John Ambulance at its annual bravery awards next month.

Jyles said his message to other youngsters who faced an emergency was simple: "Keep calm and keep cool."

His mother Samantha was knocked unconscious after she tripped and fell down the stairs in their home on April 29. Jyles only woke because of a nightmare. He went to find his mother and discovered her unconscious at the bottom of the stairs.

"I had smashed my head on the ground," Mrs Coad-Ward, 44, said. "I was knocked out cold and blood was rushing to my head. The doctors told me that if Jyles didn't find me, I could have died from a haemorrhage."

Jyles ran downstairs and checked her pulse.

"I thought she was alive, but she might have brain damage," Jyles, now seven, said. "I was scared for Mum, but I had been taught what to do at school."

He rang 000 from his parents' bedroom.

"I gave them directions and spelt the address for them," he said. "I told them what our house looked like so they wouldn't get lost."

He stayed by his mother's side while he waited for paramedics to arrive.

Mrs Coad-Ward said she could remember becoming conscious for a brief moment during this period.

"Jyles was patting me on the back telling me everything was going to be OK," she said.

Once paramedics arrived, Jyles found his mother's mobile phone and rang her parents and best friend.

"I told them Mum was hurt," he said. "The ambulance took my mum to the hospital and I got to sit in the front seat."

Mrs Coad-Ward was kept at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital overnight and head scans revealed internal bleeding. She recovered fully after a few weeks at home resting.

Not surprisingly Jyles was by her side the whole time, making sure she was OK.

"By calling the ambulance that night he saved my life," Mrs Coad-Ward said. "If I had been unconscious without help for hours I could be dead."

Jyles was an "exceptional son".

"He's very resourceful. He's great with the computer and fixing things. He's always been very mature for his age," she said.

Jyles is due to receive the St John's Special Commendation, which is awarded for "meritorious conduct under stressful or difficult conditions", on December 2.

"Jyles is a remarkable young boy," St John's chief executive Tony Ahern said.

" (We are) extremely proud to award the St John Ambulance Special Commendation to Jyles for the fantastic job he did in rescuing his mum."

AUSTRALIA Cases  249752-pn-hero-son-jyles
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Post by shelby Tue Nov 23, 2010 10:46 am

Man charged with murder attempt on toddler November 19, 2010

A man has been charged with attempting to murder a toddler on the NSW south coast.

Police and ambulance were called to a house in Rickard Road, Unanderra, at 2.30pm (AEDT) on Thursday after a 23-month-old girl was found unconscious and not breathing.

The girl, who had a head injury, was treated at the scene by paramedics before being taken to Wollongong Hospital.

Advertisement: Story continues below She was later airlifted to Sydney Children's Hospital, Randick, where she remains in a critical condition.

A 26-year-old man was arrested at the house and a crime scene established.

The man has been charged with attempted murder and refused bail.

He is due to appear in Wollongong Local Court on Friday.

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Post by shelby Sun Nov 28, 2010 10:58 am

Parents of paraplegic toddler charged

From: AAP November 28, 2010 2:16PM THE parents of a toddler left a paraplegic after he was unrestrained in the family car when it was involved in a crash have been charged with criminal neglect of a child.

Police say the boy was allegedly sitting on the lap of his 50-year-old mother on the back seat of the car when the collision occurred in April on Angle Vale Road at Hillier.

It is the first time the charge of criminal neglect has been laid in circumstances relating to restraining a child in a car.

In a statement today police said on April 15, 2010 a Toyota sedan being driven by a 54-year-old Munno Para man crossed onto the incorrect side of the Angle Vale Road while travelling around a left bend and collided head-on with another car.

"It will be alleged that at the time of the crash, the driver's wife, a 50-year-old woman, was sitting in the backseat of the Toyota, holding their two-year-old son," police said.

"The boy was not properly restrained in an approved child restraint and severely damaged his spine in the crash, the result of which means he is now a paraplegic with no active movement in his lower limbs."

As a result of the police investigation since the crash, both the mother and father of the boy have been summonsed to appear in Elizabeth Magistrate's Court on December 9, 2010 to answer a charge of criminal neglect of a child.

The father also faces a charge of aggravated driving without due care.

Police said the criminal neglect offence carries a maximum penalty of five years' imprisonment where a child is seriously injured.

Superintendent Linda Fellows said on Sunday the charge of criminal neglect of a child is usually used in child neglect or abuse cases and this is the first time it has been applied in relation to restraining a child in a car.

At the time of the accident it was required that a toddler be appropriately restrained in a car.

Since then tougher child restraint laws have been introduced in South Australia - with the law demanding children be appropriately restrained up to age seven.

Infants up to six months old must be restrained in a rearward facing child restraint, while children aged between six months and four years must be restrained in either an approved rearward facing restraint or forward facing child restraint with inbuilt harness.

Children aged between four and seven years of age must be seated in a forward facing child restraint or approved booster seat.

In the first two weeks of November police targeted people failing to wear seatbelts, with 901 expiation notices issued.

Of those, 39 related to children under the age of 16 years.

During 2009, 23 of the people killed in road crashes on South Australian roads were not wearing a seatbelt.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/parents-of-paraplegic-toddler-charged/story-e6frfku0-1225962274544#ixzz16ZcXkv3H
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Post by TomTerrific0420 Mon Nov 29, 2010 4:38 am

THE parents of a toddler left a paraplegic after he was unrestrained in the family car when it was involved in a crash have been charged with criminal neglect of a child.

Police say the boy was allegedly sitting on the lap of his 50-year-old mother on the back seat of the car when the collision occurred in April on Angle Vale Road at Hillier.

It is the first time the charge of criminal neglect has been laid in circumstances relating to restraining a child in a car.
---I have mixed emotions about this, and yet, legally they are correct and proper in charging the caregivers.
The parents will feel bad enough, an certainly will be reminded every day~ through his care. If this charge was made in these types of cases more often, perhaps it will be a lesson to others not to be careless.
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Post by shelby Mon Nov 29, 2010 10:43 am

I have to agree with you Tom.
These parents will look at there child everyday and be reminded that there negligence has caused this.
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Post by TomTerrific0420 Tue Nov 30, 2010 3:17 pm

AN INQUEST into the death of an eight-year-old boy found floating in a water hole will begin in Borroloola today.Officer in Charge Joedy Kitchen will be the first of the 29 witnesses to give evidence at Kieffen Raggett's inquest.She will be followed by family members May, Clarence and Adrianne Raggett.Kieffen's body was found 1km from Borroloola, in the Gulf of Carpentaria, on October 4, 2007. He had a small cut to his forehead and was dressed only in shorts.A child-sized red Manchester jersey was found floating in the shallow waterhole nearby.

He went missing two days earlier and was last seen playing with a group of children.The cause of his death was never released so as not to compromise the police investigation.Recently an internal police review raised questions about the initial detective work.In response to that six Darwin detectives were sent to Borroloola last month to re-interview witnesses and look for further evidence.At Borroloola NT Coroner Greg Cavanagh will visit the residential subdivision where Kieffen's body was found.The inquest will continue at Borroloola tomorrow before being moved to Darwin.It will then be adjourned to January.
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Post by shelby Mon Dec 06, 2010 7:49 am

Police investigating baby's death in Kensington

By Wayne Flower From: Herald Sun December 06, 2010 11:38AM

HOMICIDE squad detectives have been called in to investigate the death of a 10-month-old baby in Kensington, Melbourne.

The Maidstone girl was left with a babysitter at a Kensington residence about 8pm last Friday.

Her parents returned several hours later to collect the child and found her ill.

She was taken to the Royal Children's Hospital where she underwent surgery for head injuries but passed away last night.

Police have launched an investigation into the death.

Investigators have spoken with a number of people and conducted door knocks in the area.

Anyone with information in relation to death is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or visit www.crimestoppers.com.au

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/police-investigating-babys-death-in-kensington/story-e6frfku0-1225966336283#ixzz17JdT4pO4


A BABY who died after her parents collected her from a babysitter's house may have been shaken.

Homicide squad Detective Inspector John Potter said the 10-month-old girl had sustained head injuries, which could have resulted from being shaken, the Herald Sun reported.

"My understanding is babies' bones are quite brittle and receive injuries from things such as shaking. Not to say that’s the case here, but we have to keep an open mind,"he said.

"It’s still too early to speculate as to the cause of this particular death."

Police have interviewed the 27-year old babysitter, who has told them she was with her own three-year-old and 18-month-old children when the parents discovered their baby was unconscious on Friday.

Det-Insp Potter said the babysitter had been employed by the couple to watch their baby previously and had been looking after their baby while they attended a "social gathering".

When interviewed by police, the babysitter was unable to explain the child’s injuries.

Police said the parents, from suburban Maidstone, had dropped the girl off at the babysitter's home in nearby Kensington about 8pm and picked her up just after 11pm. They immediately rushed her to the Royal Children’s Hospital, where she underwent emergency surgery.

It is understood the child died from an aneurysm.

Det Insp Potter said the babysitter had provided police with an account of her time with the baby, but had been unable to explain her injuries.

Read the full story at the Herald Sun.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/national/baby-who-died-after-being-collected-from-babysitter-may-have-been-shaken/story-e6frfkvr-1225966563080#ixzz17JfRoC5x

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Post by shelby Mon Dec 06, 2010 7:54 am

Court hears that trainer promised girl a horse in exchange for sex

By Tony Keim From: The Courier-Mail December 06, 2010 6:14PM A BRISBANE racehorse trainer enticed a 12-year-old stable hand into an almost 20-month sexual relationship with the promise of giving her a horse he was training, a jury has been told.

A District Court in Brisbane jury was today told the trainer also allegedly forced the girl into engaging in sexual acts with at least two other men who in return paid him cash for her services, The Courier-Mail reports.

Prosecutor Chris Minnery, in his opening to the jury, said the trainer took the girl, who "loved horses" and was then aged 12, on as a stable hand and offered to give her a large horse if she provided him with sexual favours.

He allegedly told the girl: "You can have a horse ... if you (perform a lewd act)."

The trainer today pleaded not guilty to 29 charges mainly sexual offences including seven counts of rape, allegedly committed over almost two years.

The jury was told the alleged offences - committed when the girl was aged between 12 and 14 - also include one count of maintaining a sexual relationship with a child, two of unlawful carnal knowledge, and numerous counts of indecent treatment of a child.

Mr Minnery said the trainer used threats, violence and the promise of owning the horse to control or force the girl into participating in sex acts or performing them on him.

He said the girl did not have an ideal home life and was drawn to the stables due to her love of horses.

The jury was told the majority of the alleged offences occurred at the trainer's home, at the stables, or in his car.

Mr Minnery said the trainer asked the girl to do a "favour" for two male friends, who in return gave him money upon completion of sex acts.

He told the jury they would also see diaries kept by the girl, which include "heartbreaking" tales of offences allegedly committed on her by the trainer.

The jury was told the man admitted having sex with the girl during "pretext calls", recorded by police.

"Don't you want to be with me? I like you," Mr Minnery said the trainer told the girl during one call.

He said when the girl told the man she was "a bit young" for him, he replied: "Oh ----, that didn't matter when we were having sex together."

Barrister John Fraser, for the trainer, told the jury they should listen to all the evidence before considering the Crown case.

"There are two sides to every story and is important you don't jump to conclusions," Mr Fraser said.

The proposed two-week trial before Judge Marshall Irwin continues.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/court-hears-that-trainer-promised-girl-a-horse-in-exchange-for-sex/story-e6frfku0-1225966566877#ixzz17JeRQVAn
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Post by shelby Mon Dec 06, 2010 8:14 am

Im not sure were to post this i hope here is ok.
Its upsetting to read that they can still access this from in prison and nothing can be done about it.

Evil killer Robert Arthur Selby Lower running jail sex ring

Wayne Flower From: Herald Sun December 06, 2010 12:00AM

UPDATE 9.40am: A PRISON source says staff can't stop technology smuggling after it was revealed that an evil child killer is running a depraved sex ring from inside one of Victoria's jails.
Robert Arthur Selby Lowe, who is serving a life sentence for the abduction, rape and murder of six-year-old Sheree Beasley, has recruited a gang of villains to smuggle child porn into Ararat prison.

A prison whistleblower told the Herald Sun Lowe had access to a steady supply of child porn, which he accessed on prison computers via smuggled USB sticks and memory cards.

A prison guard, who wished to remain anonymous, told heraldsun.com.au today that prison staff were powerless to stop the smuggling of USB and memory cards into prison.

"We can’t pick them up,’’ he said. "They’re hiding them internally.’’

The guard said Lowe had unhindered access to computers in the prison’s education department and was also involved in a church group.

"You can bet he’s not talking about God,’’ he said.

The whistleblower claims Lowe, aided by a notorious police shooter, is using a prison sex program run out of the prison's Children's Visit Centre to groom young prisoners to be paedophiles.

"He's been the chairman of these sessions," the prison source told the Herald Sun. "He's using the program to groom young, mentally ill inmates, and turning them into sick monsters like himself."

Sheree Beasley was riding her bike from local shops to her home in Rosebud on June 29, 1991, when Lowe lured her to a merciless death.

People Against Lenient Sentencing spokesman Steve Medcraft said Lowe should be immediately moved back to a tougher prison. "How you can have a child killer at Ararat is beyond me. They should be in a hardened cell at Port Phillip or Barwon," he said.

The S.H.A.R.E prison program - developed after repeated requests by inmates for a support program for gay prisoners - openly promotes sex between inmates, stating: "It's just jail sex, you're not gay (unless you kiss)". The depraved ring includes career rapists, including a man who raped a woman only moments after walking from court on sex offences.

"Most of these guys they're preying on shouldn't even be there, they're mentally ill," the source said. "These guys are taking them in, getting them in debt then moving them on to the USBs ... before long they've dumped their wives or girlfriends and are living with these sickos."

Corrections Victoria defended the program, explaining that it was "one of a number of programs aimed at supporting prisoners and assisting with their re-integration back into society".

The source, who now fears for his life, claims to have seen Lowe and other sex fiends watching child pornography on prison computers.

The contraband is allegedly smuggled into prison by visitors or picked up from secure locations while inmates are working outside prison walls.

Corrections Victoria said prison staff carried out regular searches of prisoners and their cells as well as regular audits of computer equipment used by prisoners to ensure they did not view contraband. It said prison staff supervised all program sessions.


AUSTRALIA Cases  041249-robert-arthur-selby-lowe

Why do criminals, of this nature, have open access to computers? Also, it's real easy to disallow usb's on any windows machine so if you do that it will end the USB smuggling issue! Honestly guys, grow a brain and slap yourselves!
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Post by karma Sun Jan 02, 2011 9:48 pm

Two-year-old stabbed and killed

Sydney - Three people were found stabbed in a unit in Sydney, including the body of a two-year-old girl, who later died in hospital.

According to 9 News, a woman around the age of 30 was the first person seen wounded on the stairs of an apartment in Sydney, Australia.

Police were called to the area, called Canley Vale building, after finding out there had been a domestic dispute.
A father who was inside the unit with his two-year-old daughter, refused to open the door when police arrived, forcing officials to open the door themselves at around 8pm.

The toddler had a stab wound and was unconscious, whereas the 40-year-old man had been stabbed in his chest.

The little girl died later when she was taken to the Children's Hospital, and the father along with the woman were both taken to Liverpool Hospital. The woman had been stabbed on her stomach, as well as her shoulder, and is in an unknown condition, however the man is in critical condition.

More information is being sought from nearby neighbours and witnesses, and the Critical Incident Investigation Team is on the case at the moment.

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/302025#ixzz19utYRAt0
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Post by shelby Tue Jan 04, 2011 10:24 am

Parent paedophile ring arrest in WA
18:07 AEST Tue Jan 4 20113 hours 14 minutes ago

A West Australian father who allegedly abused his five-year-old daughter and indecently filmed her to share the images with an international parent paedophile ring has been charged.

Police say the 32-year-old man, who cannot be named, indecently assaulted his five-year-old daughter.

In a separate incident, he indecently recorded the girl to share the images with others he was communicating with in an online chat forum, police said.

He was arrested at his home after police found a computer with other child exploitation material, which they say he intended to share in the chat forum.

Police say the man was part of an international parent paedophile ring, which involved parents using social networking sites in the United States, Britain and Australia to exploit their children.

The man was charged with indecently recording a child who is a lineal relative, distributing child exploitation material, possessing child exploitation with the intent to distribute, and indecent dealings with a child who is a lineal relative.

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Post by TomTerrific0420 Sat Feb 12, 2011 3:03 pm

An Australian judge sentenced three men and a woman to prison on Friday
for starving and abusing five children who suffered stunted growth and
open sores as a result.

Witnesses said the children — siblings
aged between four and seven at the time — had been forced to stand in
line, sometimes the entire day, with their hands on their heads and were
fed food scraps that were just enough to keep them alive.

They were left significantly underweight and had open sores on their legs, ulcers on their feet and were infected with scabies.

starvation occurred over four months in 2008 while the children shared a
house with 16 other children in Adelaide, South Australia.

Kevin Duggan said at the state Supreme Court that the abuse was “beyond
comprehension” and that Tania Staker, 36, led the cruelty out of
jealousy because her partner fathered the children with another woman.

who had 12 children of her own, pleaded guilty on Friday to endangering
life and creating a risk of serious harm. She was sentenced to 10 years
in prison.

Staker’s partner, Luke Armistead, 38, and another
two men who shared the house were each sentenced to nine years in prison
for the same offenses.

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Post by shelby Mon Feb 21, 2011 2:09 am

Skinny-dip trip for couple ends in toddler thrown 10m in the air from car Neil Keene From: The Daily Telegraph February 21, 2011 An 18 month old baby girl has been ejected from a vehicle when it crashed and rolled in Pheasants Nest. Police are continuing to investigate the accident. Toddler hurled through windscreen
Survived despite massive crash
THIS toddler hurtled through a car windscreen and 10m in the air after a crash southwest of Sydney yesterday.
The 13-month-old girl and her mother and another man were injured in a bizarre accident at Pheasants Nest after what was thought to be a skinny-dipping trip at about 2am yesterday.

The woman, 23, and 41-year-old man were discovered naked in the remains of the car by rescuers, while the child was thrown into a paddock near a notorious bend on Pheasants Nest Rd.

"It was quite bizarre. They were both starkers," a witness said.

Police said the silver Holden Barina lost control on a bend, rolled down an embankment and smashed into trees.

Another witness at the crash scene said the man and woman appeared to be heavily intoxicated.

It is understood the pair had been drinking earlier in the night at the nearby Bargo Hotel and may have left two other young children at home. A police spokesman said it wasn't yet clear who was driving but blood samples were taken from both adults to test for alcohol.

..The child remains in a stable condition in Westmead Children's Hospital. The woman had various limb injuries and was taken to Liverpool Hospital in a stable condition, while the man had more serious head and chest injuries and was flown to Westmead.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/national/skinny-dip-trip-for-couple-ends-in-toddler-thrown-10m-in-the-air-from-car-at-pheasants-nest/story-e6frfkvr-1226009144665#ixzz1EYThZB3PAUSTRALIA Cases  103079-toddler-saved
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