George Vreeland Hill Speaks About The Trial.

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George Vreeland Hill Speaks About The Trial.

Post by George Vreeland Hill on Mon Jul 11, 2011 3:55 am

Casey Anthony is guilty of killing Caylee.
There is no question about that.
The jury let Caylee down.
The evidence was there as were many unanswered questions.
Why did Casey wait 31 days to report her daughter missing?
Why was Caylee's body in her car?
Why did Casey lie to police so much?
The jury voted guilty to lying (covering up), but not guilty to what she covered up.
This does not make sense.
The prosecution did a terrible job and they should not be allowed to work on another case again.
The jury did even worse.
Casey can now make money off of this as can the members of the jury.
The defense team had a party after the not guilty verdict while Caylee sleeps in a grave.
What a shame.
I am,

George Vreeland Hill

George Vreeland Hill
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