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JOSE BAEZ CAUGHT: Writing own favorable book reviews on Amazon along with publisher

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JOSE BAEZ CAUGHT: Writing own favorable book reviews on Amazon along with publisher Empty JOSE BAEZ CAUGHT: Writing own favorable book reviews on Amazon along with publisher

Post by mom_in_il Mon Jul 09, 2012 11:55 pm

JOSE BAEZ CAUGHT: Writing own favorable book reviews on Amazon along with publisher

…by Linda Paris
July 9, 2012

Does it surprise anyone that someone has posted this video on youtube exposing Jose Baez for writing his own good reviews?

There are stories all over the internet about Jose Baez writing all of his own good book reviews along with the book publishers.

The same people are reporting that other “favorable” comments have been linked to people that work in Baez’s law office.

Looks like this video puts those rumors to rest…of course Jose Baez is writing his own positive reviews.

It is a trashy, lurid book that is full of contradictions and bald faced lies.

It is a fact that after the verdict… Jose Baez had paid trolls all over Facebook breaking up “Boycott” groups using various garden variety “troll” techniques to cause in fighting and hack into people’s Facebook accounts and assume their identities, among a litany of other ham-handed vaudeville tricks.

Why should the sale of his book be any different?

The problem Baez has…is that he doesn’t have any “fans.”

If he is trying to “generate fans” with his book it’s not working.

His publisher (a bottom tier company) has him on every second rate tabloid show they can book him because even they know without the “anniversary” of the verdict no one would care.

No one will care in a week.

His latest attempt will be on the “insider” which is a tabloid show on CBS that deals mainly with celebrity gossip.

I would be upset that the “Insider” is having him on and referring to killer Anthony as “Casey” (first name basis) but the damage he is doing is evident by reading the posts in all of the conversations online.

And , of course, theres the fact that he has to create his own good reviews.

Does anyone imagine that with all of his important obligations, that Jeff Ashton had the time or the inclination to write his own book reviews?

I think not.

But then Jose Baez’s phone isn’t exactly ringing off the wall these days is it?

All of his attempts to quiet the people who watched his unethical and comical performance in the courtroom are still here and no one is forgetting.

Jose Baez has managed to fool himself into thinking he has fans by dismantling Facebook groups, threatening people who are enraged, trying to manipulate conversations and quiet the voices of the millions of people who watched that trial.

The 98% that felt that the state proved it’s case beyond all doubt has not changed it’s mind or gone away.

Where is the “market” for this book supposed to come from? Now that Baez is ruining all chances for sale by revealing that it is a sordid, pornographic, embarrassing attempt to further vilify George Anthony…even people who are not familiar with the trial are repulsed.

Watching this trial online was an amazing experience because I was able to keep track of 4 different live feeds on four different computers and watch the comments and the polls.

It was overwhelmingly clear at the end of closing arguments who WON this case. It doesn’t matter one whip what 12 unscrupulous, dishonest, self serving scumbags in Pinellas County say about what we all saw.

Whether paid by Baez or not…they all had money and agendas on their brain.

We all saw it and the verdict is in.

I will keep stating it for the record because there are many that feel as I do and I want the jury to know…that some of us don’t believe you are HONEST and just “unbelievably ignorant and stupid.” The level of stupidity that you would have to have, in order to render this verdict and still be honest, doesn’t exist in my opinion.

Such people are hospitalized and unable to feed themselves.

Besides the out and out REFUSAL to accept any of the states SCIENCE or the overwhelming mountain of clear, irrefutable circumstantial evidence…the refusal to accept any of the testimony of the states witnesses, who all…each and every one…painted a clear, concise picture for 98 % of trial
watchers in America… there is the character of Jose Baez.

A character that is reflected in the lurid and underhanded passages from his book.

Hello America…for those who don’t know him… meet Jose Baez.

While visiting a newspaper website, I did something I never do and clicked on an article about this book. The comments were overwhelming.

Overwhelmingly against Baez.

I was actually shocked.

Where this trial was once big news…apparently people are sick to death of it now. They do not want to hear more lies from Baez and most of these posters did not even know his name.

They referred to him as “the lawyer sounds like a real sleaze” or “her lawyer is really hitting below
the belt” and in fact, many referred to the killer herself as “this woman” and “the mother”…

completely oblivious to either of their actual names.

Baez has manipulated nothing.

All of his fake reviews and troll-generated comments are not going to sell his book, which has clearly repulsed people who don’t even know his name.

As a matter of fact, I would bet the little audience he has now is composed of the people that love to hate him and none of them are going to buy anything from him.

Jose Baez has created a fantasyland for himself.

It is a world where there are lots of “supporters” and “positive comments” that are bought and paid for. It is a world with no substance. It is a world he crafted inside of his head.

Just like the Facebook groups that were broken apart with cheap, dirty, underhanded tricks, personal threats, stealing identities and other self-deluding techniques.

This did nothing but anger people further. We found other places to meet and discuss all the illegal and unethical things we all watched happen in this case.

We are all still here and Jose Baez better hope we stay… because no one else even knows what his name is.

From what I understand he hasn’t even sold 500 copies yet…in the entire world.

Do you know how many people there are in the world?

7.025 billion according to Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_population

Not even 500 copies (and dropping.)

By writing this book Jose Baez is letting the world know that there is no dirty underhanded thing…that is too low for him. That he will kick someone when they are down…cheat…lie…steal…do any dirty sensational, vulgar thing he can think of to do… as long as he thinks that it will lead to a bucket of money.

The original Bozo the Clown has faded into the distance and sits now on a shelf with other obscure characters from our past.

There’s only one Bozo now.

Jose Baez doesn’t have a long line of “important clients” knocking down his door … in order to obtain his services. He doesn’t have a line of potential clients waiting for him because they all watched his performance on TV during the trial and realize he doesn’t know what he is doing and only knows how to lie and cheat.

He keeps trying to ‘cover-up” his gross inadequacies and spin himself into something he’s not.

His new book seems to paint an accurate picture of him as a sociopath, a pathological liar just like his child killing client, a cheat and a low life.

Even people who can’t remember his name can see that now.

He’ll have to beg and scrap forever to keep himself in the news after this.

Better keep working “Team Bozo”…you have a LOT of good reviews to write becuse all the TV appearances in the world won’t change the fact that you have nothing to sell.

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