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“Don’t worry…I didn’t say anything.” …Is there another dead body in Casey Anthony’s past? - karma4caylee

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“Don’t worry…I didn’t say anything.” …Is there another dead body in Casey Anthony’s past? - karma4caylee Empty “Don’t worry…I didn’t say anything.” …Is there another dead body in Casey Anthony’s past? - karma4caylee

Post by mom_in_il Wed Dec 05, 2012 6:36 pm

“Don’t worry…I didn’t say anything.” …Is there another dead body in Casey Anthony’s past?

December 2, 2012
VOICES 4 JUSTICE, www.karma4caylee.com

Scary then…………………..and scarier now

Are there more bodies somewhere in this family’s past?

“Don’t worry…I didn’t say anything.”

The words were uttered quickly and furtively but loud and clear. This murdering psychopath wanted her parents to hear that statement so she made sure she got it out…right at the beginning of that famous jailhouse conversation.

“Don’t worry…I didn’t say anything.”

Oh really? Didn’t “say anything” about what?

You would think that her parents would ask her about a remark like that or at least acknowledge it…but they didn’t.
Cindy Anthony, convincing herself that she's won a minor point against attorney Morgan in deposition but creating this image of herself for all eternity. This photo reminds us all where baby killers come from. This killer was not born and raised in a vacuum.

This photo reminds us all where baby killers come from. Is there another body in the basement somewhere?

Instead they purposely glossed over it and acted as if they hadn’t even heard it and then proceeded to tippy-toe around their pet psychopath, acting as if she was going to explode at any minute and get brain tissue all over them.

They might as well have been wearing lab jackets and rubber gloves they were so afraid of what this killer might do…even from inside the jail!

Instead, Cindy Anthony immediately took control of the conversation and led it down the path that she wanted to see it go.

“Don’t worry…I didn’t say anything.”

These jailhouse visits were carefully choreographed by one of the stupidest family’s in American History and yet that one sentence was NOT a part of the plan.

I guess they thought no one in America would notice them speaking in stupid transparent codes and ballet dancing around each other?

“Surprise surprise”…the stupidest family alive was wrong.
Killer Anthony smiling in court as if she was having a party.

Casey Anthony: High School drop out. The prosecution proved that she drove around for 3 days and partied with her friends while her child decomposed in the trunk of her car.

I’m through guessing what this family of common grifters and psychotic killers is up to but I can tell you this…there are countless indications that they are hiding something more then “just” the murder of a 2 year old child…and they are scared to death that it is going to eventually come out.

Their phone calls full of juvenile “code-speak” and all of their language has been rife with cover up and GUILT from the first moment they slithered into the news.

They have demonstrated their complete lack of understanding as to what is inappropriate and what is not. Their thirst for attention… no matter what it is attached to…and their insatiable and shameless greed, has sickened everyone who has come into contact with them. As they run roughshod over the media…putting their faces out there on TV every night, claiming that Caylee is alive and asking people to send money to them so that they can go look for her…their conversations betray their true motives.

How about this one…

“This wasn’t like the last time was it?”

Yet another “furtive” and “clandestine” statement in a conversation that was saturated with childish “code-speak” and games that 6 year olds play. These phone calls are PAINFULLY unsophisticated as is this entire family.

They are screaming to be investigated on multiple levels for multiple crimes.

Just by listening to their shallow, feather brained attempts to be “sneaky”…they have given the public enough information to start digging around in their past…

just to see if we can discover what it was they were all talking about under their weak and pathetic “code-speak.”

In short…and at the risk of stating the obvious…there is something far more disturbing about this family then simply the murder of a 2 year old child…and the subsequent cover up.

“This isn’t like the last time is it?”

Many people assumed that child murderer, Casey Anthony had left with Caylee before and that was what brother Lee was talking about in that phone conversation.
Somebody was feeling good about Judge Belvin Perry's complete lack of control over his courtroom. Somebody had the time of her life...basking in the limelight and relishing the fact that her so called attorney was getting away with murdering Caylee all over again with the help of the judge.

This killer thought nothing of murdering Caylee in cold blood, dumping her down the street after driving around with a dead body in her car for 3 days, according to the testimony at trial. Such a stupid crime committed with such ease and such confidence. Any betters that she’s done this before?

I used to think that myself until I started adding up the silly attempts at “Anthony code-speak” and realized that this group of primates never speaks in simple language and “Pig-Latins” their way through conversations on the phone and in the jail.

What kind of family speaks in brainless codes and colludes with each other…when a member of their family has been murdered?

I’ll tell you what kind of family speaks in code and tries everything they can to thwart a murder investigation…a family that HAS SOMETHING TO HIDE.

CINDY AND GEORGE ANTHONY: Why do they cower and cow-tow when they should be outraged? The public has years to dig around in their past in order to find out the answers to these questions. By sticking their faces into cameras and cashing in for three years…they have now stupidly invited the public into their lives and there’s not a thing they can do about it.

Here’s another one:

“What have YOU done?”


“What happened?”


“What’s wrong?”


“Has something happened to Caylee?”


“Why are you crying?”


“What have YOU DONE?”

YOU= Baby killer Casey Anthony.
What about ME? Forget about Caylee...What about ME?

The last thing Caylee saw. Who else has seen this face and is no longer here to talk about it?

Cindy Anthony began cleaning Caylee’s decomp up immediately…no questions asked… because she KNEW what had happened to Caylee and why she hadn’t heard Caylee’s voice in 31 days.

Both George and Cindy Anthony already knew that Caylee was dead…

or they would have preserved the car in case something had happened to both Caylee and Casey Anthony!

But they didn’t do that…did they?

They immediately set upon destroying any evidence they found in that car. The same car that “smells like there’s been a dead body” in it.

Who does that but guilty people?

“What have YOU DONE?”

“This isn’t like the last time is it?”

“Don’t worry, I didn’t say anything.”

Whatever is in this family’s past it must be worse then Caylee’s murder because they have done everything in their power to keep their little psychopath safe and QUIET…including letting the defense call them child molesters!
George Anthony...got what he deserved.

George Anthony…got what he deserved.

When is someone going to investigate the background of this family?

When is someone going to rip the scab off of this family and expose them… once and for all… as the same morally reprehensibe ghouls that sent Dominick Casey out to find Caylee’s body and destroy it before the trial?

When is the REAL truth about this family going to come out?
In league with the devil?

Artwork out there on the internet reflecting the public sentiment that there is much more dirt to this family’s past then what we know.

I have not had the stomach to listen to the tape, where Lee asks the killer if this is like the “last time”…mainly because of the babbling that this self absorbed, high school drop out calls conversation.

It is so obvious that she has learned to copy big words she’s heard other people use…but the incredible dumbass can’t put them into a sentence of her own design because she lacks the knowledge or the skill.

She literally spews words that make NO SENSE and do not form complete sentences. She tries so desperately to put forth the illusion that she has a brain… but it all comes out as complete jibberish and exposes the fact that she hasn’t taken any classes in basic English.

“Look how smart I am…I know the word ‘absolutely.’ I heard someone say it once.”

It’s really hard to listen to this self taught dunderhead try and speak as if she knows how to.

Not only is she a baby killer…but she butchers the English language just like her mother does because she only knows words she’s heard OTHER PEOPLE use effectively in a sentence.

She doesn’t have the slightest clue on how to use those words in a sentence that she crafts herself.

Not the brightest bulb in the pack.

If you can tolerate her incredible ego combined with her generous supply of ignorance and inability to compose a basic sentence …the information is there…

“Don’t worry I didn’t say anything.”

She had to get that out…and she’s not the brightest bulb in the box by a long shot.

After that utterance…it was “treat Casey Killer with kid gloves” and tippy toe around her or something very bad will happen.

I ask you…what could be worse then this?

They are already visiting their daughter in jail for first degree murder and they still act like this is a walk in the park!

“You’re the head of a big corporation! You’re in charge!”

What the Hell is going on here? A normal family would realize that this is the “absolute” worst thing that could have ever happened!

But not in this family.

Cindy Anthony and company - livin’ large off of the murderof one of their own at the hands of her own mother - disgusting

Thank God Casey killed Caylee otherwise we would have to go back to working for a living! This has turned into the best thing that ever happened to us!!!! Crab puffs all around!

In this family there are apparently MUCH WORSE things… than a mere murdered grandchild and a psycho daughter who is on trial for first degree murder.

What could it be?

I do believe 100% that there is something out there just waiting to be discovered and they are all deathly afraid of whatever it is.

By talking in codes and doing their best to capitalize on Caylee’s murder…putting their faces on TV and spewing lies and coverups for three years…

this family has invited us all into their past.

They didn’t just wake up one day and have this HIDEOUS MESS in their home…this has been going on for a long time. People don’t just wake up one morning and start effortlessly covering up murders… as if it was second nature… like this family did.

Cindy Anthony wants everyone to “get over” it.
The REAL Cindy Anthony. How many times did Caylee ever see this face?

The REAL Cindy Anthony. How many times did Caylee see this face? Who else has seen this face? Is there a suspicious death in Cindy Anthony’s past? After all…besides the fact that Casey Anthony killed Caylee Anthony…one other thing has been proven to be a fact: LIKE MOTHER LIKE DAUGHTER.

Well for once Cindy Anthony is not going to get what she wants. She’s not on TV now selling her FREAK SHOW to Dr. Phil.

She’s out in the public now…and no one is going to forget what this family has put everyone through over the past 3 years…


People want answers…and that is NEVER going to go away.

Learn to live with it Cindy Anthony.

It’s a house of your own making…and it’s here to stay.

Like mother like daughter.

“Don’t worry I didn’t say anything…”

Sounds like a threat to me.

“Don’t worry I didn’t say anything…”

Don’t look now dumbass…but yes you did!

UPDATE: Apparently the clips referred to in this article were of interest to law enforcement in 2008 and they pulled it back then for an”ongoing investigation.”


Meanwhile…if you can tolerate listening to people speak in code and pig-latin for an hour here are both tapes.

LISTEN how Lee Anthony tries to find out where Casey Anthony dumped Caylee and they both try to figure out how to talk about it on the sly so no one will hear… when she tells them where she dumped Caylee.



Here are some other videos I collected for your viewing pleasure. I found these quite compelling and to be honest…I had forgotten about them:






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