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BOOK: Casey Anthony: Sentenced To A Living Hell (Preview)

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BOOK: Casey Anthony: Sentenced To A Living Hell  (Preview) Empty BOOK: Casey Anthony: Sentenced To A Living Hell (Preview)

Post by mom_in_il Wed Dec 05, 2012 6:45 pm

Casey Anthony: Sentenced To A Living Hell (Preview)

NEW RELEASE DATE / December 15th, 2012

Author's Note: When I began writing Casey Anthony: Sentenced To a Living Hell, I fully intended to publish the work by mid or late October. But, as full intentions are sometimes thwarted by powers greater than the author's pen, this little piece of penmanship was shoved to the back burner when my wife of 22 years, Jessica Lynne Screws, suffered a massive brain aneurysm on September 17. After fighting for her existence for over two weeks in the neurological intensive care unit, Jessica, only 48 years old, accepted the comfort of the arms of her angel and went to be with her God on October 2nd. Devastated by this twist of fate and still working through the grief process, I have gradually pulled Casey Anthony back to the front burner and fully intend to publish this work on, or before, December 15th. That is, if it be in God's will.

Synopsis / Casey Anthony: Sentenced To A Living Hell - In July of 2011, Casey Marie Anthony was acquitted of all murder charges related to the death of her 2 year old daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony. Represented by a team of morally deficient defense attorneys, Casey and her cast of vile litigators gloated in their malicious rape of Lady Justice. In their realm of judgment, a fair and reasonable verdict had been handed down. What they forgot, though, was that a higher court was ultimately in charge of overseeing the proceedings and that the high justices were appalled by this gross travesty of human injustice.

Dispatching a rather menacing, unworldly messenger to deliver the higher courts dissenting opinion, Casey is approached by three spirits - ("The Ghost Of What's Been", "The Ghost Of What Is", and "The Ghost of What Shall Be"). Given the ultimatum of telling the truth about what actually happened to her daughter, or spending her remaining days on earth imprisoned in the black vortex of a chaotic abyss, Casey continues to embrace her compulsive delusional realities, refusing to accept any responsibility for her atrocious deeds. Left with no alternative but to dole out it's harshest punishment, the higher court sentences Casey Marie Anthony to an eternity of wallowing in the stench of her self-made cesspool. Namely, her own self-imposed..."Living Hell"...

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