More documents released, casey searched neck breaking, shovels on cmputers

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More documents released, casey searched neck breaking, shovels on cmputers

Post by oviedo45 on Wed Nov 26, 2008 6:02 pm

Documents Show Casey Anthony Searched Neck-Breaking On Computer

Wednesday, November 26, 2008 – updated: 12:28 pm EST November 26, 2008
ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- Newly released court documents show Casey Anthony searched for information on chloroform, types of shovels and neck-breaking on her computer in the time before her young daughter Caylee disappeared.

The documents show Casey searched those items in March, at the same time she was also looking on missing children web sites. Casey reported her daughter missing in June. Casey claims she left Caylee with a babysitter but that person has never been found and Casey now stands charged with Caylee’s murder.

VIDEO REPORT: Casey's Computer Searches

Some of the information found on Casey’s computer also related to the chemicals peroxide, acetone and alcohol, which can be used to make chloroform.

Traces of chloroform were found in the trunk of Casey’s car, along with DNA evidence that suggests the dead body of Caylee had also been in there.

Investigators say they found that Casey’s mother Cindy was not at home when the searches were done. They say she was at work but that her father, George, was not employed at the time.

The new records also show that Casey told her parents during a jail visit that her message to "Zenaida," the mysterious nanny, was "she (Zenaida) needs to return Caylee" and "I forgive her.”

Casey hinted that she told Cindy long ago that she might have given someone a key to their house but didn’t say who.

Casey also gave a description of Zenaida: she’s 5-feet, seven inches tall, had curly brown hair that had been straightened, weighs 140 pounds, and has brown eyes, and a lot of money.

The documents also show there was no rotting pizza in the trunk of Casey’s car. Cindy has long claimed a horrible smell that detectives have described as the smell of death, was due to a rotting pizza.


Cindy Anthony was on the defensive Wednesday morning after Eyewitness News uncovered an email showing that she may have knowingly given investigators the wrong evidence. In the message, Cindy wrote to former family spokesperson Larry Garrison that she gave investigators Casey's hair brush instead of Caylee's brush, which they wanted for a DNA sample.

Cindy Anthony said that she told investigators that the brush that was given to them was used by Caylee and Casey. The FBI and Eyewitness News' legal analyst said Cindy Anthony could face obstruction of justice charges.

RAW VIDEO: Cindy's Reaction To Email
TEAM COVERAGE: Gag Order Ruling Expected | Email Controversy

"Did you purposely give investigators the wrong hairbrush?" asked Eyewitness News Reporter Jeff Deal.

"No absolutely not," Cindy responded.

When Eyewitness News obtained an email from Larry Garrison (read the email), it was handed over to the FBI because of the explosive evidence inside. The email says Cindy gave investigators the wrong hairbrush when they asked for Caylee's brush in late July to compare DNA from her hair to the hair they found in Casey's trunk, where it smelled of death.

Eyewitness News told the FBI about it and now they're investigating whether Cindy has tried to sabotage the investigation. Our reporter confronted Cindy about the email and she said she did not purposely give investigators the wrong hairbrush.

"Did I go around and find all the hairbrushes? No, but it wasn't deception," said Cindy.

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