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HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS: The Rise and Fall of the Caylee Foundation and Dr. Phil - karma4Caylee

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HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS: The Rise and Fall of the Caylee Foundation and Dr. Phil - karma4Caylee Empty HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS: The Rise and Fall of the Caylee Foundation and Dr. Phil - karma4Caylee

Post by mom_in_il Thu Aug 30, 2012 5:11 pm

HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS: The Rise and Fall of the Caylee Foundation and Dr. Phil

August 27, 2012

In the wake of a preposterous and unethical verdict that set a killer free and disgusted a nation, the so called Caylee Anthony Foundation, seems to have disappeared completely from public view. One has to wonder what became of the biggest scam of the 21st Century.

Since the charity was fraudulent to begin with, it boggles the mind how Cindy and George Anthony have been able to cheat well meaning people and hide money from the IRS for this length of time. They have been publicly exposed as cheats and liars on multiple occasions and even in court during their daughter’s murder trial, yet not one government agency has stepped in to stop them from blatantly abusing the system and cheating people put of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

One of the most disgraceful and disgusting aspects of this entire episode for me has been watching this family cover up evidence and live on the blood money of their very own granddaughter.

They have steadfastly used this murder to line their own pockets and now they are being facilitated by people like Dr. Phil, who knowingly adds to the bucket of blood money in order to boost his own ratings. Apparently Dr. Phil is following the Anthony’s lead.

My fondest wish is that I never see Dr. Phil’s face on television again and it looks as if I may get that wish in good time. In spite of the fact that they are showing Dr. Phil reruns on many channels and on Oprah’s new network “OWN”…it seems like Oprah is looking to phase Dr. Phil out and bring some new fresh, untainted blood in.

“Iyanla Fix My Life” is the new “life mentor” on own. Oprah is promoting her hot and heavy and Iyanla is stepping directly into Dr. Phil’s territory.


It’s about time.




Dr Phil has outlived any usefulness he ever had on television and proven to me he is as much of a sociopath as the people he screams at for a solid hour. It has become abundantly clear to me that Dr. Phil is nothing but a con man himself. Sex scandals, lawsuits, accusations…Dr. Phil’s bad character goes all the way back to 2005 and beyond.


He is about as close to criminal as you can get and yet people chose to ignore this fact and actually listen to this fraud.

Bottom line…there is far too much scandal in Dr. Phil’s past. Too many dirty episides for too long…all associated with someone who is supposed to be a “life coach” and it looks like Oprah agrees. Time for a change.

Dr. Phil has placed himself right up there with the Anthony’s as far as I am concerned.

A fake. A fraud. A Charlatan. A sociopath and yes…someone with serious mental issues of his own.

And now because of one sociopathic hand feeding the other…because of Dr. Phil and his lies and deceit…the Anthony’s have received the blood money payoff of a lifetime.

But the fraudulent Caylee Foundation seems to have disappeared after this latest payoff. It is no longer a website. Could it be that with this latest public donation that the IRS is finally listening to the thousands of voices that have been screaming about the Anthony’s and their fraudulent attempts to make money off of their murdered grandchild? This has been going on for 4 years now and it’s been right in the face of the public and more important the authorities.


Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation, Inc., Orlando, FL

Registration Number :CH29385 Expiration Date : 4/23/2011

Revenue Source : DCS Statement of Support/Revenue (12/31/2009)

Total Revenue : $2,580.72 Program Services Expenses : $630.25 20%

Total Expenses : $3,107.49 Administrative Expenses : $2,477.24 80%

Surplus/Deficit : -$526.77 Fund-Raising Expenses : $.00 0%

That these people have been profiting from a murder that they helped to facilitate and cover up is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard. The Anthonys, both Cindy and George, besides having serious mental issues of their own… have absolutely no moral compass and Dr. Phil places himself right there with them and their murdering daughter as he is now supporting them all.

How does this even happen? If it wasn’t so tragic it would be funny. The King of television quacks, who’s sole platform is to “get real”…is pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes and jumping aboard the blood train…putting his stamp of approval on the collection of blood money and the amoral behavior of these 2 narcissistic sociopaths who have spawned and raised a heartless child killer.

It’s outrageous enough that this entire fiasco has played out in front of all of us, with absolutely no one stepping in and being the voice of reason or speaking up for this child…not one person. Not one government agency has put a stop to the parade of lies and illegal behavior of virtually every single member of this family.

This one evil act committed by someone of less then average intelligence and a host of narcissistic needs, unfettered by guilt ….has spawned a sea of sick and twisted people in it’s wake and some of them are on television every day.

What happened to Geraldo, Matt Lauer, Barbara Walters, Jane Velez Mitchell? All of them used to stand for something….or did they?

Perhaps they always stood for fraud, greed and corruption and this case has just pointed it out to everyone else.

These are just a few of the media personalities who have been passing as normal for years and who’s true characters have revealed themselves through the horror of this case. It is greed that has driven this whole story for everyone from the very beginning not justice for a murdered child and it has been revolting to watch. The list of fatalities just keeps growing.

I will never look at any of the people who have associated themselves with this baby killer and her horrendous family the same again.

No one with a heart could do what these people have done and at the top of that list is Cindy and George Anthony.

So now the “foundation” has disappeared and thanks to Dr. Phil and 12 greedy, intellectually challenged jurors… a child killer and her blood sucking parents can live off the murder that they all facilitated and the world is a more rotten place to live.

Meanwhile…in the House of Dark Shadows does all of that blood money make life easier on Hopespring Drive?

It is my opinion that it is a house of co-dependance, abusive relationships and mental illness. Boundaries are missing in abusive relationships whether its verbal, emotional or physical abuse. So my guess would be that the behavior that ended in the cold and calculated murder of a helpless child will not only continue but it will escalate and both mother and daughter will revel in it.

Boundaries are missing in that house…MISSING.

Drama is the name of the game on Hopespring Drive. Keeping everything swirling on the outside so that two inadequate people with major issues and problems in their backgrounds do not have to look inside.

The abused is just as addicted as the abuser (sometimes more).

Chaos addiction and drama addiction: A few Quotes from articles on the internet…

“Even if there is no substance abuse or alcohol abuse there is an addiction present. The dance of anger comes from chaos addiction, drama addiction. Being addicted to the low of the abuse and the high of the makeup. Keeping everything swirling on the outside to avoid the emptiness on the inside.”

And in this case both people suffer from it.

“While drama is a legitimate category of cinema and theater, as an addictive process in relationships it refers to an ongoing dysfunctional need to continually recreate unsafe and unhealthy emotional intensity in one’s relationships.”

Sound familiar?

“What is the attraction to drama? The drama addict is hooked on the adrenaline rush of relationships…lots of intense conflict, punctuated with yelling, screaming, throwing things, as well as verbal and physical abuse; frequent dramatic fights…ongoing lying and cheating; withholding of truth; betrayal of trust; emotional and/or physical affairs; spying on each other; poor or non-existent boundaries; and racing from the height of ecstasy to the pit of despair in an out-of-control emotional roller coaster.”

This is precisely what happens in relationships characterized by drama addiction and the horrifying fact in this case is that Caylee Anthony was nothing but a pawn in a game between two very sick and intellectually limited human beings.

People in these relationships have very little capacity for empathic sharing and selfless companionship, both of which are essential qualities in genuine love. Dramatic love relationships are essentially self-serving and when the person can no longer supply the necessary ”high,” they are abandoned.

In my opinion (and I am not a doctor but do a lot of research on criminal psychology for my writing) what you have here is two people who are addicted to drama and who are both narcissistic sociopaths…self-centered and only interested in control. Why else would you clean up the crime scene for a child killer…even though the murdered child is your own granddaughter?

Strangely enough, problems can become addicting. IF we live with enough misery, crises, and turmoil long enough, the fear and stimulation caused by problems can become a comfortable emotional experience. Being in crisis becomes a comfortable place, and it saves us from our humdrum existence. It’s like getting addicted to soap operas, except the daily crisis occur in our lives and the lives of our family and friends and family.

To say that this is sick family might be the understatement of the century but the question now remains what does that make Dr. Phil and all of the others who have attached themselves forever to this dark moment in history?

One thing is certain…any prison in the country would be preferable to Hopespring Drive right now and it is my prediction that if the killer ever goes back into that house to live…

this type of behavior will continue…

and someone won’t make it out alive.


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