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Finally… CAYLEE’S STORY IS TOLD on LIFETIME this Saturday at 8pm - karma4caylee.com

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Finally… CAYLEE’S STORY IS TOLD on LIFETIME this Saturday at 8pm - karma4caylee.com Empty Finally… CAYLEE’S STORY IS TOLD on LIFETIME this Saturday at 8pm - karma4caylee.com

Post by mom_in_il Thu Jan 17, 2013 12:29 am

Finally… CAYLEE’S STORY IS TOLD on LIFETIME this Saturday at 8pm

January 16, 2013

If you are one of Caylee Anthony’s fans you should be tuning into Lifetime this Saturday at 8pm to watch Jeff Ashton’s LIFETIME MOVIE…”Prosecuting Casey Anthony.”

Finally…a network that is willing to tell the story of how justice failed and the killer of Caylee Anthony walked free.

This is Caylee’s moment.

First I am so proud to have worked for Lifetime during my career and admire and respect their decision to give the reportedly 2 million dollar movie deal to one of the people who has done more then anyone to get justice for Caylee Marie Anthony. The 2 million dollar Lifetime deal was going to be Cindy Anthony’s but after watching her commit perjury on the stand and the jury’s suspicious verdict, Lifetime took away the offer and gave it to Jeff Ashton instead.

Because of that…the story we will hear…will not be one that is favorable to either the defense in this case or the killer of Caylee Anthony, her mother, Casey Anthony. For the first time it is going to be clear to America what went on in this case.

eff Ashton and Lifetime have dealt a major blow to the myths, fantasies and straight up LIES perpetrated by so called “journalists” like Geraldo and Jane Velez Mitchell…all rallying around the scumbags who broke the law and cheated the system…flat out lying to the public about what was really going on.

I recently read where someone had referred to this movie as the story of a failure.

I completely disagree.


Finally it is the story of the truth of this case!

Jeff Ashton did not fail to convince 98% of trial watchers that Casey Anthony was guilty of first degree murder.

If Jeff Ashton failed at anything…it was underestimating the “morally bankrupt” character of Jose Baez.

If it is the story of a failure…it is the failure of our broken system.

Perhaps it is the story of the failure of Jose Baez?

He failed in his ultimate goal to be a hero.
He failed in his ultimate goal to be a TV talking head and a beloved movie star.
He failed in his ultimate goal to be a respected and revered attorney.
He failed in his ultimate goal to be liked and admired by everyone.
He failed in his ultimate goal to be making more money then he could spend.
His book failed.
He can’t get a client…even when he tries to bull dog his way on to a case.

He’s proven to everyone who watched that circus that he only knows how to lie and cheat.

It’s who the man is.

I wouldn’t call that a “win.”

As Dr. Lillian Glass reported during the trial Lifetime was looking at Cindy Anthony as the one to give the 2 million dollar deal to…but considering what we all saw…

they thankfully changed their minds.



(scroll down to “Life beyond the trial”)

Unlike other mindless media drones…such as Jane Velez Mitchell and Geraldo who just followed the money blindly and tried to manipulate their viewers…Lifetime has decided to go the other route and tell the truth.

What amazes me about this entire disgrace was how certain members of the media acted during all of this. Jane Velez Mitchell…so insane with the smell of money and ratings…she demeans herself completely by groveling on her knees behind Jose Baez begging him to just look in her direction…

and then she tells her viewers to “F-off” when they express their shock and dismay!

Unbelieveable. But yet another extremely disturbing part of this story… is the media believing that they can manipulate their viewers and manipulate the truth…and grow their own ratings!

It reminded me of that singing star from the 1950s named Fabian. He was a nobody and as a result of a bet between 2 producers, one saying that he couldn’t be made into a star and the other saying he could take a nobody and turn him into a star…

he became a star.

Totally invented by a producer.

That’s what desperate and greedy media tried to do here…only in 2008 it was apparently became fashionable to see if they could make ”stars” out of criminals and child killers who hi-jacked the system…and broke the law in front of my face.

It failed.

I am happy to see that the blood money that the Anthonys have gotten greedy, amoral media to give them… to put on freak shows for the public… is no long forthcoming and that the people who worked harder then anyone to get justice are the ones who are being rewarded instead.

I enjoyed the interview with Rob Lowe (my new favorite actor) on GMA…I believe the quote was:

“If I were her, I would just crawl into a hole somewhere and pull the dirt in.”

In other words…go kill yourself and don’t bother us with burying you because you’re not worth the time.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. if this is the reaction that the movie is going to inspire…

count me in.

The Lifetime movie, from my perspective is a major coup for Caylee. This is the beginning of Caylee’s time.

The LIFETIME MOVIE is what people will remember from now on.

Karma is here and it starts on Saturday night at 8pm.

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