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CANADA • Jake JUST, 18 (1998) ~ Midland ON

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CANADA • Jake JUST, 18 (1998) ~ Midland ON Empty CANADA • Jake JUST, 18 (1998) ~ Midland ON

Post by TomTerrific0420 Wed Oct 27, 2010 12:34 pm

The four worst days of the year are now approaching for a Midland mother whose son has been missing for 12 years. For two days before Halloween and two days after Debbie Just relives every detail of the fateful event that changed her life forever -the night eighteen year old Jake left home to attend a local party and was never seen again.
"I spend most of the month of October going over and over the scenario in my mind. It is a very hard time for me that doesn't get easier as the years pass," said Just who finds the current Russell trial media coverage especially hard."We can't be complacent because we are a small town -things can happen just like they did in Tweed. There are sick people and predators out there. When I hear things like that I begin to think about what might have happened to Jake... if he was hurt or being tortured, was he crying out for us? You just think the worst because you don't know. I talk to Jake all the time and ask him please to somehow let us know where he is but twelve years have gone by and we still don't know what happened."Because Jake can't communicate with his mother through human means doesn't mean he isn't trying to get a message to her in other ways. In fact, Just is very sure her son is trying to reach her but in a way that she herself is unable to connect.While it would be difficult to refer to any missing person case as being normal', the disappearance of Jake Just has been shadowed by bizarre events beginning with his departure from a party at Sunnyside in Midland shortly before midnight on Devil's Night'. Branching off from a friend he had been walking with, Jake entered a bush area to take a short cut home and was never seen again. In the days to follow police interviewed some 400 people and scoured the area inch by inch to no avail -it was as if the popular teen had vanished into thin air leaving no shred of evidence -footprints, clothing or even a tiny piece of forensic evidence to assist the investigation. Although family, friends, police and local media continue to carry out an annual public awareness campaign, the case has gone cold and has remains that way...as far as material leads are concerned.Shortly after her son's disappearance Debbie Just began getting phone calls from psychics delivering various accounts of what happened and stories of communication with Jake from the other side'. To this day the calls continue to come from all over Ontario including eastern Canada -the most recent was last month. Some of the psychics saw Jake murdered and buried in the woods, while others said he was taken far away, killed and dumped into a bog. One psychic said Jake saw something he shouldn't have and his death was mafia related, while another said the teen was alive with amnesia and doesn't remember anything about his former life.Initially the desperate mother listened to them all not wanting to dismiss details about anything or anyone that might lead her to the whereabouts of her son but now she encourages all psychic contacts to communicate with the police. While Just appreciates the information and good intent behind such communications, she says she can no longer listen to stories which always end badly causing her heartache and pain."It's not that I don't believe in it -I do think these thoughts and images are coming to the psychics for a reason. Maybe one of them will know some information that leads to something but the things they were telling me does not help -it gets me upset and thinking and there is nothing I can do...," said Just."The police know about the psychics and are working with them. This is more helpful because the police know everything about the case, the location and the details of the investigation. They want to do whatever it takes to solve the case but will screen the information and tell me what I need to hear."In 1998 the investigation began with Midland Police Service (MPS) and was taken over by OPP. Currently MPS -Sgt. Jim Rettinger, OPP Detective Inspector Bernie Murphy and OPP Case File coordinator Virginia Wyatt, are working together in the continuing investigation of the disappearance of Jake Just. Having been involved since the beginning, Rettinger keeps in constant contact with Debbie Just and meets with the press each year around the anniversary date to ensure ongoing public awareness.Rettinger says when it comes to solving an investigation, all possible leads are followed including 10 -12 psychic related calls surrounding the disappearance of Jake Just.

"Different people claim to have different psychic abilities and their abilities are manifested by different means -gut feelings, visions, dreams, apparitions, Jake speaks' to them, etc. In each case we interviewed the psychics and decided whether any information' provided was relevant to what we already had determined in our investigation or assisted us in any way," said Rettinger."I specifically recall one woman, I believe from the Mississauga area, who claimed she saw through Jake's eyes'. Although she had never been to Midland, she pictured Jake looking and described specific landmarks, obviously unaware of their location. She had the added advantage that her husband was an artist. As a result, he took her visions' and produced water colour paintings of them which she provided to police. This same woman also experienced feelings' about people and places and would react if she felt' something. In this case we conducted ground searches in areas we felt were as described."In another instance, after being contacted by a woman from Toronto who could only "see" as the "eyes" of a deceased person, Rettinger said police used cadaver dogs to search the area the woman -who had never been to Midland, described and where she said she saw Jake."As a profession I would surmise that most police consider people who allege to have psychic abilities' as suspect. I said from day one that I didn't care by what means I found Jake, only that I intended to do so. I still feel that way today. I'm not too proud as to disregard any information that will provide resolution for Debbie Just and her family in this investigation," said Rettinger assuring that public awareness remains key in solving this case."This is the 12th anniversary since Jake went missing and the first year that we have not had any new tips or been called and given information. Over the years we got calls and information which may have been generally the same year after year but sometimes had an extra little piece that was different or new. I believe there is still some key information out there that will come forth at some point."Rettinger says local people have not forgotten Jake, especially those in the Sunnyside where he was last seen. Following an in-depth assessment in 2008 using new technology to input all original mapping and search data on software, police are confident it met criteria and no areas in the search grid were left to question. In the past there was a 95% probability that every area searched turned up any items or articles pertaining to the case. Today, the scene has changed very little for those who were involved twelve years ago - the changing leaves and cool temperatures bring back vivid memories of the relentless eight day search through woods and wet marsh for the teen who would now be 30 years of age.Due to recent building excavations around the Bay Port Yacht Centre and Sunnyside, Rettinger said search masters revisited the site last year and provided information to developers to make them aware if any bones or clothing are found."Obviously people think about it still -we had calls twice last year involving the discovery of bones but they were not human -they were deer," said Rettinger.In May 2010 MPS have submitted property they had for DNA testing to OPP Missing Person Cases DNA Bank where under the umbrella of the Unsolved Homicide Investigation Team' (UHIT) it will be kept until needed for case re-activation. It is important to note that this is still a classified as a Missing Person case and not a homicide. Rettinger said these items belonging to Jake and his deceased father Walter Just, were kept at the MPS for DNA testing for historical development if evidence was located that has DNA so there would be comparison samples. Rettinger said a DNA comparison would confirm identification if Jakes remains were found and the remains would help to determine cause of death under the Coroner s Act of the Police Investigation.The Jake Just case is not isolated. From 1963 -2010 there are 78 unsolved investigations in Ontario, regarding missing or deceased persons. In some cases police look into similarities if there appears to be a tie. The OPP Criminal Investigation Branch needs public assistance in solving investigations -without it many of these cases will continue to be unresolved. Resolving these cases gives closure, ensures that justice is done and prevents future violent crimes from happening.In North Simcoe Debbie Just keeps a flame burning in her heart for her son and refuses to give up hope until she has closure one way or another. Through memories he remains close."In speaking to people they say Jake was a good guy. He was a big boy of 6'3" and took karate from the time he was five years old, but while he could defend himself he was not a fighter -he was happy and had a lot of friends. He loved snowboarding, skateboarding and had two guitars which he spent all of his free time learning to play. He had just gotten his driver's license and was excited to start driving," said Just.In addition to intensive searches and ongoing police efforts, this investigation has garnered nation-wide media attention being profiled on CTV's Canada AM and Court TV's "Crime Files: Cold Case" programs. No reliable information has as yet been obtained that tells police what happened to Jake Just.Anyone with information should call the South Georgian Bay OPP Detachment 1-888-310- 1122, Midland Police Service (705) 526-2201 or Crimestoppers (705)726-2237 or crimestoppersofs. d.m@csolve.net.
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CANADA • Jake JUST, 18 (1998) ~ Midland ON Empty Re: CANADA • Jake JUST, 18 (1998) ~ Midland ON

Post by karma Thu Jul 21, 2011 12:29 am

CANADA • Jake JUST, 18 (1998) ~ Midland ON Jake_j10
Enhanced photo of how Jake Just may appear today.
Jake disappeared October 30, 1998.
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CANADA • Jake JUST, 18 (1998) ~ Midland ON Empty Re: CANADA • Jake JUST, 18 (1998) ~ Midland ON

Post by karma Sat Oct 29, 2011 5:19 am

Jake Just disappeared Oct. 30, 1998 after a party. Thirteen years later, the police continue to investigate. The Midland teen is gone but...

October 27, 2011

Jake Just wants to be found. Thirteen years have passed and the missing teenager's story continues to draw the attention of crime investigators, media sources, writers and internationally renowned mediums.

Details or lack of details surrounding the mysterious disappearance of the Midland youth have sparked the curiosity of a published crime writer who will include the story in an upcoming book based on true unsolved cold case accounts. As well, renowned British clairvoyants Jackie Dennison and Alison Wynne-Rider from Rescue Mediums on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) have agreed to help police in any way they can to help solve the case.

Two weeks ago, Staff. Sgt. Jim Rettinger, investigating officer with Midland Police Service, and Jake's mother, Debbie Just, met with crime writer Lee Mellor, who will dedicate a chapter in his upcoming book to the 18-year-old who disappeared without a trace on Oct. 30, 1998. Officials and family say they were totally in support of the request.

"Anything that will bring exposure to help solve the case and find out what happened to Jake I am 100% for it," said Debbie Just, who has never given up hope that someone has information which could lead to finding her son.

"When Lee Mellor tried to contact me, I called Jim Rettinger and after looking into it, he arranged a meeting between the three of us," added Just. "Lee has published a book on murder mysteries and is currently working on another one. I gave him information and pictures of Jake and the girls (his two sisters) for the book he wants to write on cold cases."

The heartbroken mother said this is a difficult time of year.

"This is a very hard time of year for me but is amazing to think that after all this time Jake is still in people's minds. They want to know if there is any new information and I hope that never changes," said Just. "The investigation is ongoing and police continue looking into different tips and keep me informed."

A CTV's Canada AM and Court TV's Crime Files: Cold Case with Sue Scambati done on Jake Just for the 10th anniversary is still airing and tugging at the hearts of people across the nation.

Lee Mellor related to Debbie Just that after watching the segment, he wanted to write about it. During their recent interview, Just shared details with the author of the night when her 6'2" son left the house to attend a party with friends and never returned. Her last vision of Jake saying goodbye and walking away in a an olive green and beige long sleeve T-shirt and carrying a black Jaguar' brand knapsack remains crystal clear. It is one she will never forget.

Jake and Debbie Just were very close and communications between them were always open. When he didn't return home that night, the frantic mother called police to report that her son was missing; she intuitively knew something was wrong.

On Devil's Night, some kids had a gathering over in Midland's Sunnyside. Jake Just and his friends attended a party at a residence near a thick wooded area. Sometime before midnight, Jake left the gathering with a friend to head home and they separated -- the friend preferring to stay to the lighted roadway while Jake took a trail short-cut through the bush. He was never seen again.

Hundreds of interviews carried out by police and an exhausting search involving community volunteers that lasted nearly two weeks turned up nothing. It was as if Jake Just had disappeared into thin air.

During the years following, an exhaustive investigation has been carried out by police. The bush area and surrounding grounds have been intensively searched several times using new GPS technology and other resources available to police including most recently a grid search carried out by special forces last fall when a section of the marsh area where Jake disappeared was searched in hopes of finding materials from his clothing, knapsack or shoes turned up nothing.

Sadly, since his disappearance, Jake's father and grandparents have passed away not knowing his fate.

Police remain vigilant and will not turn away from any new clues or tips regardless how unlikely or bazaar they may be. In the past, Rettinger has met with and followed up with calls from psychics -- to no avail. Earlier this year he was eager to communicate with mediums Jackie Dennison and Alison Wynne Rider when they offered to assist.

The popular television personalities were filming at Centennial Museum and Archives in Penetanguishene when Free Press freelance reporter Sharon Weatherall mentioned the missing local teen and asked for their help.

It turns out police work is not new to Dennison or Wynne-Ryder who have been involved with criminal investigations in the past by sharing psychic tips and information received through psychic readings.

In Northwich, England Jackie Dennison is head of Feathers Academy of Clairvoyant Mediums and Holistic Therapies, Cheshire and Wynne-Ryder worked with police on an ongoing basis for 13 years.

Filled with compassion for the family, the women said they

would be "willing to help" in any way they could and understanding the need to do something positive for Jake's 13th anniversary story, agreed to make known their offer to assist. Any information passed on from them to police will be protected as possible evidence.

Rettinger said he was happy to accept input from the British clairvoyants who have been communicating back and forth with him from England.

"The ladies have contacted police and we are now corresponding with each other to see if there are any leads," said Rettinger, who is supervisor of the investigations and forensics at Midland Police Service.

Rettinger said the toughest part of the Jake Just case is that police have no physical evidence so even technology advances in the areas of DNA and forensic testing can't be applied -- a fact that also makes the case quite unique.

But even so, police are moving forward. Last week, Rettinger was pleased to announce to media that police are following up on new information in the Jake Just missing person case.

"In 2011, we have received new information that we are acting on, so the case is still alive and under investigation," he said.

Rettinger says the Jake Just case is well known.

"This case is still one that police ask me about no matter where I travel in my work. As soon as they find out I am from Midland, people ask isn't that the town where that teen went missing?' Jake's story is still out there and I think that's another thing that makes it unique -- people want to know what's happening," said Rettinger.

The 10th anniversary Crime Files -- Cold Case segment and Mellor's upcoming book both present ways of reaching out past Midland.

"As time goes on and people become mobile the people that know something about this case may have moved away and a writer may touch someone that is no longer in the geographic area," said Rettinger.

"We haven't been able to solve this case locally so there is no harm in using media and mediums which can help us expand and reach a broader audience. At the end of the day, we want people to know we have not forgotten about Jake Just and are still working on solving the case," said Rettinger.

"This may be a way of reaching out and renewing interest and I am open to using any means possible to do that."

There is a $50,000 reward through OPP for information leading to solving the Jake Just missing person case. Age enhancement pictures are posted on the OPP website and in police detachments and stations across the province and farther.

For information about the case or to share information, call 1-877-934-6363, (705) 330-4144 locally or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or email opp.isb.resolve@jus.gov.on.ca.

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CANADA • Jake JUST, 18 (1998) ~ Midland ON Empty Re: CANADA • Jake JUST, 18 (1998) ~ Midland ON

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