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CHILE Cases Empty CHILE Cases

Post by TomTerrific0420 Sat Nov 27, 2010 5:05 am

A two-year Peruvian child presumably murdered by her 16-year old brother, in Santiago, Chile, might have been sexually attacked, reported Chilean daily El Mercurio.

The small girl’s corpse had clear signs of being brutally hit and sexually attacked, explained Chilean Police member, captain Marco Jiménez.

According to the initial report made by the police, the 16-yeardold, identified as C.A.A.C, was taken care of his little sister since last Sunday.

Apparently their parents were working in a temporary job position out of town, in Quilpué, around 120 kilometers west of Santiago.

The Chilean Police suspect that, during this time, the older brother might have hit the two-year old child with a sharp-edged object, causing her death.

The child’s death was discovered when the teenager called his mother to report that her younger sister wasn’t breathing.

A family friend went to the house to see what was happening and confirmed that the girl was dead. This is when she called the police.

Chilean police said that the girl was dead at least 48 hours, when found.

The young boy has been arrested as main suspect of the killing. The case is currently under investigation.
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