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David Angelo, An American Nightmare: Part One…by Linda Paris June 8, 2012 K4K

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David Angelo, An American Nightmare: Part One…by Linda Paris June 8, 2012 K4K Empty David Angelo, An American Nightmare: Part One…by Linda Paris June 8, 2012 K4K

Post by Verogal Thu Jun 21, 2012 6:14 am

Snipped::: Go to link to read the full story with pictures for full effect. You all remember Linda Paris? She is writting again at a new blog...I read some of her new stuff over the weekend...as usual is is brilliant and spot on. I am wondering IF they might be another reason David cancelled his appearance with Jeff and Mason...hmmmmm...Maybe, this needs looking into, another project?

David Angelo, An American Nightmare: Part One…by Linda Paris June 8, 2012

This will be a three part series examining the role that the jury foreman, David Angelo played, in the conspiracy between the 12 Anthony jurors, to thwart justice and set a child killer free
How many of you in this country have children? How many of you have invested your lives in your children….fed them…loved them…held them close when they were sick?

How many of you want to believe that children matter in our justice system?

How many of you would be outraged if someone murdered your child…and the evidence against the killer was as clear cut, as simple and as overwhelming as it was in the Caylee Anthony case…and you got this jury and this jury foreman?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should be very afraid of people like David Angelo, the “jury foreman” in the Caylee Anthony outrage.

This man is nothing short of an American nightmare.

It’s the conviction of many, that he is either a “wanna-be” who filled that jury room with ignorant dogma and lead this jury to an illegal verdict (that reeks of jury tampering and jury misconduct)…or he was simply paid to ignore evidence and set this baby killer free.

A coward, who performed mental backflips and logistical gymnastics…to free this murderer and then scurried into the shadows to hide.

This is a man who has shown he has absolutely no respect for the life of a child.

David Angelo showed not only a complete disregard for the victim in this case but he absolutely ignored the task at hand…

“find justice for Caylee Anthony, murder victim…”

and immediately set about filling his own agenda.

This is evident in the way he bent, twisted and flat out ignored the laws of the court, to suit his own personal needs and gave not one thought to the reason that he was supposed to be there.


What’s next?

A book?

All of this the result of a verdict, that will never be accepted as “honest.”

And he thinks people want to hear what he has to say? Laughable.
But more important, the joke is on us…the very taxpayers that funded this fiasco.

Even now he tries to “insert” himself into discussions, hoping to parlay the outrage that he spearheaded, into some kind of “money tree” for himself.

Completely predictable yet viscerally repulsive.

David Angelo is every parent’s nightmare and has shown himself to be an enemy of true justice and a self serving opportunist, by ignoring the mountains of evidence in this case and leading the jurors down a path of ignorance and jury misconduct.

He should have never served on any jury, ever, much less ended up the jury foreman in a case as important as this.

David Angelo is the biggest reason I can think of to effect change in our jury system…now.


Something is so critically broken, in a system that allows a jury foreman to make up his own rules. Never mind the sheer audacity of this group of 12 fools who had agendas all over the place and absolutely no understanding of their duty and the law…to think…

“We are the only 12 people that should decide this case.”

What utter gall.

How does this happen?

Most of us are aware of even the simplest rules of sequestration and deliberation. We all watched and listened in horror as this jury broke every single rule of the court and an impotent and budget obsessed Judge did nothing to correct the situation.

Where was Judge Perry during all of this?

And this is supposed to be our system of justice?
Why was there not a mistrial called in this case? Why didn’t Judge Perry educated these idiots on the proper way to deliberate when he saw that they were discussing evidence and breaking the rules of sequestration?

Now…here we are…with “jury foreman” David Angelo, crawling out of the wood work trying to explain why he ignored mountains of CLEAR, concise evidence and went down the rabbit hole with a baby killer…

imo for money…one way or another.

And he here comes…right on time…putting himself out there as some kind of “expert” on this case.

The root of all evil and the thing that has overshadowed this trial and tainted this verdict from day one.

Evidence was presented at trial that proved to anyone with a 7th grade education, that Caylee’s dead body was in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car for at least 3 days.

How absolutely frightening that this man is actually teaching in our schools and is around children at all…a segment of the population that he has shown he does not care about.

Casey Anthony, child killer, was the only person that David Angelo cared about in that deliberation room and he twisted the evidence…ignored evidence…ignored the rules of the court…ignored science…ignored the testimony of a parade of honest people…performed mental gymnastics, twisted the rules and the law and out and out cheated this child of justice, for his own purposes.

Is this what we want for our children?

This man either used the murder of a small child for his own agenda or he was far too stupid to be on any jury…there is no middle ground here.
David Angelo is exactly what’s wrong with the jury system right now and why we need to change how we select our juries and how they deliberate in this country.

It’s my undying opinion that David Angelo was either paid off by members of the defense team to hi-jack this verdict…

or he is so terribly ignorant, greedy, egotistical, self serving and FLAWED as a human being…

that he had no business being anywhere near a trial in a matter as important as the horrible murder of a defenseless child.

We all watched the exact same trial. We all saw the prosecution prove their case beyond any doubt.

Every single online poll that was taken during the trial showed a steady rise in the number of people that were convinced that the prosecution had proved their case beyond all doubt. At the end of closing arguments 98% of trial watchers on every website believed she was guilty of first degree murder.

So what what was different in the jury room?

THE JURORS… that’s what was different.

The jurors and the smell of money.

The evidence didn’t change or become more complicated…the people absorbing it became less scrupulous and more “thick.”

That’s the only thing that changed in that jury room. She’s as guilty now as she was after the prosecution rested. They presented their case to the rest of us and 98% felt that she was guilty of first degree.
What we have now is a blatant abuse and misuse of the system lead by the Pied Piper of Dogma.

That’s how bad it is.

The biggest question that remains is…did David Angelo do it for money…or did he do for his own agenda or is he just plain hopelessly stupid?

Either way David Angelo is the perfect example of the type of person that should be kept from ever serving on a jury again.

Children matter.

This jury showed their complete and abject contempt for the life of this child by going far out of their way to twist, distort and ignore the facts and the evidence in this case.


Children matter.
And now the jury foreman is out there trying to “sell himself” as some kind of “legal speaker?”

Why did this jury ignore the fact that Caylee’s Anthony’s dead body was decomposing in the trunk of her killer’s car for a period of at least 3 days?

According to the testimony of every esteemed Doctor and scientist that testified for Caylee, her remains were in the trunk of her mother’s car.

Why did this jury ignore the testimony of a parade of witnesses and 2 cadaver dogs that hit on the trunk of the killer’s car on two separate occasions?

This jury, by ignoring witness after witness and a pile of scientific evidence that supports their testimony…

has slammed the door in Caylee’s face and spit at every American that watched that trial and saw the prosecution present their case.

It’s utterly frightening.

Why did millions of American s’ “get it” and the only 12 on the planet that couldn’t wrap their brains around the simple…straight forward facts of this case were all sitting in that jury room?

I smell money and have this entire time.

I don’t know if David Angelo is one of the jurors that got paid by the defense…but I do believe with every fiber of my being that defense got to this jury.
Remember how defense witness, Patricia Woods, was called for jury duty…and instead of contacting someone or speaking in private to someone about it, chose to conatminate an entire pool of 50 jurors…paving the way for the impossible 12? In my opinion this was no “accident.”

Why did all kinds of red flags and fire alarms not go off for Judge Perry?

Again…where was Judge Perry?
Does anyone put anything past this so called “defense team?”

Tampering with evidence in the form of sending Dominick Casey and Jim Hoover out to where Casey Anthony, murderer of Caylee Anthony, dumped her body in the woods and asking them to dig around and look for it before it was found…

and then do what? (“If you find anything don’t call the police…call Jose Baez” according to Jim Hoover’s deposition)

Tampering with witnesses, in the form of Laura Buchanon, the Texas Equisearch worker who suspiciously tried to change information on documents, after talking with Jose Baez?

And how about tampering with this jury?

Does anyone believe that jury tampering is beneath the man that did a big “Happy Jig” in the halls…before the verdict was ever read?

Enter David Angelo.
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