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David Angelo, An American Nightmare Pt. 2: The Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmmmmm…by Linda Paris K4K CB

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David Angelo, An American Nightmare Pt. 2: The Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmmmmm…by Linda Paris K4K CB Empty David Angelo, An American Nightmare Pt. 2: The Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmmmmm…by Linda Paris K4K CB

Post by Verogal Thu Jun 21, 2012 6:30 am

snipped: Please read full account and link with great photos...a new pic of of David...I agree with Ms Paris and have been saying it all along too...hope something will be done. Ms Paris is formerly from CNN so maybe she KNOWS someone with some pull?

June 18, 2012

There is absolutely no doubt that on July 5th 2011, twelve jurors flat out conspired to: ignore evidence, ignore the rules of the court, ignore the vow they took as jurors, bastardize the law and cheat a 2 year old child of justice.

Not one doubt.

Russell Huekler told us all this when he let it slip out that…

“we all felt the same way.”

Ladies and gentlemen this fact runs diametrically in opposition to the laws of the court and the rules of jury sequestration.

Each and every one of these jurors decided to ignore the law completely and openly discuss the case with each other and even with the alternates and I’m supposed to believe these fools were completely unaware that they were breaking the rules of the court?

I’m not buying it.

Why did Judge Perry not call a mistrial?

What the Hell is going on here?
If the judge is going to be asleep at the wheel (or maybe Judge Perry just plain old didn’t care one single bit about justice for Caylee Marie) you expect and have the right to expect that the jury foreman is going to stop people from discussing the case amongst themselves… before deliberation.

This is a basic fundamental rule of jury deliberation. How horrifying that 2 of these fools are “educators.”

And as if that wasn’t bad enough…this ignorant and ill-guided group of opportunists, actually had the audacity to send notes out asking questions about evidence tIt’s a fact.

hat they were NOT supposed to even be discussing…thus giving us all a terrible heads up, that something was very very wrong with this jury…

all of us that is… except the one it should have mattered to the most…Judge Belvin Perry.

The question is not “if” a conspiracy took place the question is why?

A conspiracy took place.

The biggest indication that something stinks about this jury and especially this jury foreman… is the out and out refusal of these 12 jurors to consider the testimony of the Medical Examiner in this case and to flat out ignore every piece of important evidence presented by the prosecution… in favor of a fairy tale, spun by a pathological liar…without one speck of proof. Why?

The jury in all their glorious stupidity and uncensored blathering, have already told us that they began conspiring from the very beginning.

All under the direction of Jury foreman David Angelo and with the green light from Judge Belvin Perry who’s very job it is to make sure that sort of thing does not happen.

No really…what in the Hell is going on here?

Have we not asked this question over and over and found ourselves joined by so many other voices, that the sound has become deafening?

And still we receive no answers?

Russell Huekler: Not the brightest bulb in the box, told America that the jurors were discussing the case amongst themselves early on.

In the absence of any response what so ever by the Florida justice system and their refusal to address the egregious transgressions of this jury and this defense team…the public is left to sort the whole thing out for themselves.

Hence the existence of this blog.

I’ve made it clear that I believe the defense team got to some of these jurors. I believe that happened when their own witness, Patricia Young, contaminated an entire pool of jurors…opening the door for this jury foreman and the 12 sketchy fools, who blatantly abused their roles as jurors and set this killer free.

Somebody was PAID OFF in my opinion.

I’m not buying the “they were all just weak and stupid” argument. I will however contend that many had agendas that involved money, some were very ignorant and obviously did not have the level of education that should be required to serve and none were thinking of their sworn duty as jurors.

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